30 March 2011

book review: eat your peas daughter

Eat Your Peas Daughter by Cheryl and Mom Karpen makes a very cute gift for a mother to give her older daughter.  I should stop and clarify that by older I mean at least a child who has reached their teenage years or beyond.  I think that the sentiment of the book would be lost on any daughters younger than that.

The book is a very fast read.  Each page contains only a sentence or two.  Some are meant to let your daughter know how much you love her.  Others are meant to start conversations.  Some of my favorite pages are the ones that contain encouragement.  Such as the page that reads: "Beauty comes wrapped in many packages: a smile, an intelligent mind, an act of kindness, a loving heart.  You are so beautiful."

I think that Eat Your Peas Daughter would make for a great stocking stuffer or topper to a birthday gift.  Or even better as a just-because-I-was-thinking-about-you gift.

*Disclaimer: This book was provided to me free of charge from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for my agreeing to read and review the book.*

28 March 2011

mini golf machine

Mabry has a serious obsession with mini golf.  It is the first thing she asks to do in the morning and the last thing she talks about before bed.  The girl is a mini golf machine.  The week before Dan left we took her two or three times to play.
Playing Putt Putt #4 copy
Of course I would love mini golf if I was able to play by her rules too.

You see in her version of the game if you hit the ball too far away from the hole you just pick the ball up, set it right on the edge of the hole and then sort of scoot it in with your club.
Mabry's Three Step MiniGolf Process
Seems fair.

If only we could get her to hold her club correctly without prompting we would have ourselves a contender for the Masters.
Playing Putt Putt #6 copy

27 March 2011

springtime surprise...

I just wanted to share a photo of some pretty tulips that friends bought for me to cheer me up when Dan and I received some bad news at the beginning of the month.  It is always a nice surprise when the delivery man shows up at your door unexpectedly.  Especially when he is bringing such beautiful reminders of springtime.
Flowers from Nicole and Paul

Did you know that if you drop a penny in the bottom of a vase it perks tulips up and their stems will straighten out?  Neither did I, but it worked!

you sure have a funny face

We have been lucky enough to Skype with Dan several times since he has been gone.  One afternoon we thought we would have a little fun and play with the special effects on iChat instead.

Mabry thought that this was wildly hilarious.

Video Snapshot
Video Snapshot
Video Snapshot

I think it just proves that her parents' maturity levels aren't as high as they should be.  She'll really enjoy that once she becomes a teenager.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

24 March 2011

Sorry no photos today folks.  Ok, well maybe one.
Family photo in Edenton 3.17.11

I feel like I haven't been online in forever.  Dan left yesterday.  I had planned to bring my camera to document the whole good-bye but ended up not.  As a matter of fact I didn't touch my camera at all yesterday.  Instead I did a whole lot of pacing the house unable to concentrate on a single thing.  Mabry loved it because I pretty much let her do whatever she wanted because I just wanted to keep one of us smiling.

This meant pancakes, strawberries and lots of whipped cream for dinner and the movie Megamind played back-to-back three times.

Bad Mama.

The good news is he landed safely, it is not as long a deployment as we have experienced in the past, he is in a much safer place, we are all healthy and even if they are far away we are blessed to have some really fantastic friends and family.  I just need to remember to concentrate on those things.  For the record knowing it will be months and months until we get to see Dan or hug him or just have him around sucks.  I don't care how many deployments, to where or for how long it is.  Still bites a big one.  Other military wives out there, can I get an amen?

While I was taking my little blog break I did take tons of photos.  By tons I mean thousands.  So this weekend is all about going through everything and putting together lots and lots of posts to share with all of you.

It feels good to be back.

21 March 2011

while we are busy enjoying the last few hours together....

It is a safe be to assume inside we all kind of feel like this:
Grumpy Girlie 3.18.11

Thanks for hanging in there.  I promise to be back by the end of the week!

10 March 2011

telly skelcans

Mabry has a really hard time pronouncing her s's.  Most of the time words like smell will come out sounding like tell.  Snake will become take, etc.

Earlier this week she was picking flowers (dandelions) for me and asking me to tell them.  So I made a very pronounced sssss noise and then said, "SSSSmell."  She was able to mimic me.  Ever since then she has been practicing her s's like it is her job.

While watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates one morning I heard her practicing the word skeleton over and over.

I love her little voice and the way she pronounces things.  Now that her speech is starting to improve I am trying to capture as many videos of her talking as I can right then and there to remember.  She was not very happy that I was trying to get her "skel-can" on video while she was trying to watch a cartoon.

09 March 2011


I feel really bad that I haven't been on here more.  Internets, I can't tell you how fast time seems to be flying at the moment.  I swear sometimes I just want to scream "STOP!" at the clock and take a second to catch my breath.

Somehow it seems like I am busier than ever before and yet somehow everything has taken a backseat.  I am sure that makes no sense, but trust me that is what life is like around here.  I guess you could say we are running around in circles like dogs trying to catch our tails.

Deployments stink.  That's all I have to say about that.  For now.  =)

In an effort to try and keep you from never coming back again I thought I would post a couple of photos from the Fayetteville FireAntz hockey game we took Mabry to last night.  All of these were taken with Dan's cell phone.

It was first responder night, so for 10 minutes before the game started they dimmed the lights and let the ambulance and police cars drive around the ice with their lights flashing.  We never did get the point in all of that.
FireAntz Hockey Game #5

Dan took the next two photos.  I have been trying to get a little better about being in some photos instead of staying behind the camera.  This is my favorite:
FireAntz Hockey Game #4

Of course those little duck lips melt my heart too:
FireAntz Hockey Game #2

Mabry was excited when we donated $3 and were given three plush hockey pucks.  During the second intermission we were given the chance to throw the pucks onto the ice and into the back of a moving truck.  The winner received a year's supply of spaghetti from a local restaurant.
FireAntz Hockey Game 3.8.2011

Did I mention how much we are going to miss this guy?
FireAntz Hockey Game #3

07 March 2011

gotta love having a sense of humor

My aunt sent this to me last week and it was hilarious.

04 March 2011

mabry and i need your help

To say that Mabry's hairstyle is out of control would be a major UNDERstatment.  To even refer to it as a style is a major OVERstatement.

Just take in exhibit A for a moment if you will:
Hair 911

Love her dearly, but girl has some hair issues.  My problem is I have no idea what to do about it.  My sister is getting married in July and it would be fantastic if Mabry's hair was under control by then.

Should I take her to a kid's salon and have them cut it all off into a cute pixie 'do and we can just start fresh?  Will her beautiful (yet so unruly) curls return?  Maybe some layers cut into her hair would help?

How about after I wash it.  Should I be parting her hair differently?  Trying to grow out her bangs?

What do we do??

01 March 2011

no matter how many times we told her to jump as soon as we said "3"...

...she just couldn't take off until our feet were already back on the ground.
Late Jumper
Jumping Bean
I am not sure how much I am going to be around on the blog and visiting others for the next couple of weeks.  Dan is getting ready to deploy.  Our feelings about this can be summed up by one totally adorable, but still very pouty face:
I plan to suck up every single second of moments with Dan and Mabry.
Walking around
But I promise to try and keep up as much as I can.  It just might not be as often as I would like.  On the flip side, once he is gone I am going to have nothing but time to visit everyone and to post, post, post.  I thought I would thank you all in advance for hanging in there with me.

Isn't this stone wall and ivy covered tree great?  It is in front of a doctor's office that happens to be right across the street from my most favorite of favorite restaurants in Raleigh.  I am going to have to take Mabry back when we have a little more time.
Girlie on the Wall

One last thing, when I was going through the photos I came across this one and it freaked me out.  Doesn't Mabry look just like a little old lady in this one??
Old Lady
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