26 April 2011

pallet shelf 101

Yesterday I told you all about Pinterest and my love for the site.  Today I thought I would share with you how I took some inspiration from the site and used it in my house.

I started with this photo I had pinned on my DIY board of a pallet shelf.

Then I started looking for a pallet of my own.  Great places to look include Craigslist, new construction sites and even behind stores.  I found a whole bunch stacked up behind a grocery store and went in and asked the manager if it would be OK for me to take one.  They were more than happy to share with me.  I do suggest you ask first at stores, just to be safe.

I brought the pallet home and looked at it for a long time.  Apparently my DIY induced high of having found a pallet blinded me as to what bad shape it was in.  There were several boards that were cracked, broken and all around unusable.

Pallet 1

Pallet 2

It wasn't until I was backing out of the driveway to run a few errands that I spotted the two ammo boxes Dan had brought home last year sitting on our porch.  These boxes are meant to hold mortar rounds or artillery rounds and are hard to come by.  Dan found these two laying out in the woods behind post.

Inspiration was struck and as soon as I got back home I dragged both boxes into the garage and started taking them apart.

Pallet 3

The only problem was the ammo boxes were smaller than the pallet boards.

Pallet 4

After much disassembly with a hammer, a mallet, some brute force and pure determination I finally had all the boards removed from the ammo boxes and the pallet.

Pallet 5

The next step was determining the size and cutting down all the boards accordingly.  Since this shelf was going in my hallway I didn't want anything too terribly big.  In the end I came up with a shelf that is about two feet tall and just over a yard long.

Pallet 6

Amber helped me attach it to the wall by screwing it into some studs.

Pallet 7

I really like that you can see some of the wording from the ammo boxes on some of the shelves:

Pallet 8

Aside from the frustration of trying to pull everything apart to start has been trying to decide what to hang on the shelf.  It is very much a work in progress.

Pallet 12

Right now I am mostly concerned with what frames I want to use and where to place them.  Filling them with things other than a dove candy wrapper (located in the small round frame at the bottom) and random scrapbook paper will come later.

Pallet 9

The only thing that is for sure staying is the Somewhere Over the Rainbow lyrics I printed out.  (Another Pinterest find!)

Pallet 10

So what do you think of the pallet/ammo boxes turned hallway shelf?  Not too shabby for one day's worth of work.

Pallet 11

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