25 April 2011

the one where you may have been living under a rock...

...if you haven't heard of Pinterest by now.

Internets, I love this site.  As in big-fat-puffy-heart-first-stop-of-my-day-last-stop-of-my-night love.

If you haven't heard of Pinterest it is a website that allows you to "pin" things you love to virtual inspiration boards that you create.  For instance I currently have the following boards:

Photo Inspiration: pictures of different poses, etc. that I would like to try or that just flat out inspire me to want to be better in my own photography.

Products I Recommend:  there are lots of great products out there and this is reserved for some of my favorites.

Holidays: recipes, decorations, tutorials for all things holidays.

Recipes: I am trying at least one new recipe each time I make up a menu and go to the grocery store.  This is a great way to not only keep track of recipes but look at pictures of all the yummy food.

DIY:  Tutorials I have found or other projects I want to try and tackle myself.

Party:  Ideas for parties, specifically Mabry's birthday.  I am always seeing such great ideas.  It is nice to put it all together in one place.

Inspiring Home:  A collection of things that I find inspirational and appealing.

Wish List:  A list of things I long for.  I love this board because I am forever thinking of things I need or want and then seconds later forgetting all about it.  Especially when an actual holiday or my birthday rolls around.

For years I have been bookmarking websites for all sorts of things.  The problem is I forget all about the bookmarks and when I do go through them I often find myself wondering why I bookmarked it in the first place.  Now instead of bookmarking all I do is click the "Pin It" button write a short blurb to myself and pin it to whatever board I want.

This is also a great place to follow people and see what others are finding and creating.

In short I highly, highly recommend this site.  If you have already joined, drop me a comment and let me know.  I would love to follow you!

Come back tomorrow when I show you a project inspired by Pinterest.

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