08 April 2011

this post was a tiny bit overdo

OK, a couple of months overdue.  I had actually forgotten all about the fact that in January I had promised to show you what I had been busy doing in the living room.  It wasn't until this afternoon while watching a movie with Mabry that I remembered.

My living room has always been some what of a problem in terms of decorating.  I firmly believe that there is just something about the fireplace that throws the whole thing off.  I just can't put my finger on exactly what it is.  Since we moved into this house two years ago the living room has undergone several transformations.  From builder's beige to green, to hanging up all kinds of things on the wall trying to make it work (including doors as shutters), and back to a creamy color again.

Then last fall Dan and I decided we wanted to get rid of our sectional.  We wanted a couch and an over sized chair.  The hope was that maybe we would have more furniture placement options and something would make the room feel right.  We also wanted something that was really deep compared to the old couch and with fewer pillows.

So I listed the old sectional and some other things on Craigslist to fund the new furniture.  We had found something we really liked in a local store and it didn't take long to get everything sold and the new stuff delivered.  Except the new furniture was really light cream colored fabric and when it showed up at our house it had yellow dye all over it.  So it went back and was replaced two more times for the same reasons.  Finally I said enough and returned it all for good.

A few days later I took a trip down to Atlanta to see my family.  While there I stopped into the American Signature Furniture store and found the perfect couch and chair that met all our criteria.  It also happens to be the same couch that my cousin has and I loved it at her house too when I went for a visit.

Needless to say Mabry and I made the five hour trip home with a truckload of furniture.  We also found a real leather chair in the "As-Is-Clearance" section of a local furniture store.  It had a small scratch on one of the legs.  So the store marked it down from $1300 to less than $200.  We added that to the living room as well.


Since there isn't much wall space in the room to display things like photos we picked up this leaning bookcase right after Christmas.  It fit perfectly on the wall leading to the hallway.


I guess in a way it is good that I forgot about this post.  Just this past week I made several more changes in an effort to tie it all together more.

A few days ago a friend and I built a cornice board to cover up the ugly curtain rod over the window.  Originally I had planed to cover the board with a really busy fabric but then at the last minute decided it was a bad idea.  So my friend gave me some leftover canvas she had laying around.  It was the exact same color as the wall and too matchy/bland.  So I did a little frog taping and painted two brown and two teal stripes onto the canvas.  It still seemed bland.  The next afternoon I took the board outside and with a little more frog tape and some left over spray paint from the shutters painted the whole thing brown except for the teal stripes and just a small stripe of the canvas.  (Ps.  The curtains look almost pink in these photos.  They are actually a very pale lilac color linen.)

I think it turned out really well and is a million times better than the ugly curtain rod I had up there.


Since I was spray painting, I also took the little black table we had in the corner and gave it a face lift.  It wasn't until I had the table done and back in the house that I realized it was the exact same color as the cabinets in my office.  Apparently I have a thing for Valspar's Mediterranean spray paint.


Then while I was waiting for Dan to get on Skype I took the fabric I had originally planned to use on the cornice board (the floral print on the right) and some scrap fabric and sewed a couple of pillows for the couch.  I still have several yards of the floral fabric left and want to make sure I put it to good use.  Any suggestions?


In case you were wondering, the sweater pillow covers came from the clearance section of LandsEnd this past Christmas (I just checked and they still have some of the brown ones, but no more cream).  They were free to me because I had a gift card and stuffed them with the throw pillows that came with the couch.

There are still a few things I would like to do in the way of photos and other small accessories.  All in all I would have to say that after two years I am finally starting to really like my living room.

Oh and while I was looking up archived posts about the way the living room looked I may have been sucked into watching all kinds of videos of Mabry.  I can't believe how much she has changed in the last two years.  Where has my little tiny voiced baby gone?


  1. The living room looks fantastic. I would never have thought to put some of the color combinations that you did together but it works so well. I am glad to hear that you love your living room now.

    Love ya,
    your "bland" decorating mom

  2. i LOVE your living room. your whole house really. would you please come do mine?! no really...i'd pay you!!!!!!!!! :) living room furniture is the hardest thing for me. i can NOT decide on a couch. do i want leather? slip covers? color? neutral? uhg. well, you did a FANTASTIC job. you have a give for decorating. maybe i'll just copy you ;)
    oh, and YAY for the AWESOME deal on that leather chair!!!

  3. Love your living room Jess. The pillows look great. That floral fabric is soooo pretty. I really like the sweater pillow too:)


  4. I love everything about it! Good choice on the couch. We still love love ours. I'm in the process of painting and need to make some covers for the couch throw pillows. Maybe you should come and help me :)


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