27 April 2011

when do we stop just walking along

I will be the first to admit that I am a worrier.  If there was an Olympic worrying event, I assure you I would have taken home the gold at least a dozen times by now.  However, I have prided myself in being fairly relaxed since Mabry has been born.  At least with regards to her hitting milestones.  My thought was she will hit them when she is ready.  Worrying myself half to death and pressuring her wasn't going to make her hit them any faster.

(The girl is as stubborn as her Mama.)

Lately I have been noticing a very pronounced stutter when Mabry talks.  It is almost as if she gets hung up on one word in a sentence and can repeat it a dozen times before being able to finish her thought.  Sometimes she gets hung up on several words.  It is frustrating to her and it is frustrating to the rest of us having to try to figure out what she is trying to say.

Of course as soon as I get around to writing this post I can't find a single video of her doing the repeat.  To give you all an example.

Sometimes she does really well.  Especially if she is repeating something (like a story) she has heard over and over again.  Like Pete the Cat which is a current favorite bedtime story/song and a video I haven't shared before:

The question I have is should I start to be worrying about it?  Should I be taking her into a speech pathologist?  Is this something every three-year-old-ish person goes through?  When is the right amount of time for something to be going on before you should truly be concerned something is going on?

Ps.  Is anyone else as excited as I am for the royal wedding tomorrow??  I am planning on drinking my morning hot chocolate and eating my cereal at 4am watching it all roll out.


  1. I wouldn't worry about it either...my nephew used to do that a lot and Timothy does it some too. I think their little brains are just working faster than they can get the words out so they get hung up on a word until they can finish thinking it all through and say it right! I'm sure she's just a smart little girl and has so much to say she can't get it all out fast enough :)

  2. I was about to write what Lindsay said. Many times they work out the stutter. Ethan does it too, and he has absolutely no problem with his speech. He just gets so excited that his brain is going faster than his mouth can process it. It's frustrating, but Ethan's has almost completely corrected itself. The big thing with Ethan is we tell him to slow down and think about what he's saying and that helps. But, he is 5 1/2 and we've learned good coping mechanisms. My cousin is exactly the same way, so that's how I heard about telling them to slow down. They pattern how we talk, so I've even started to slow down when I read and talk to them so they both realize they don't have to talk so fast to get their words all out.


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