31 May 2011

the dining room redo from hell

Disclaimer:  I apologize if this post is a bit rambling.  I am extremely tired and have about a million things I have to do before I can allow myself to go to sleep tonight.  This post is one of them and I can't make any promises on how coherent it is going to end up.

There have been several instances over the last 4-5 years where I have professed my love for our dining room table.  Something about a pub height, square table gets my heart racing.  The thing about the table that I never liked was the top and seats.  I was not a fan of the reddish hued wood or the numerous amounts of scratches that were put on the top just months after buying it.

PSA Timeout: It is never a good idea to use your dining room chairs in place of a ladder when painting.  Especially when the chair is very dark and the paint you are using is light.  No matter what you do it will splatter and you will spend the next 4-5 years staring at the splatters and driving yourself crazy.  I'm just saying.

Anyhow, this post is really all about how my DIY eyes were much bigger than my DIY stomach if you know what I mean.

One morning, about two weeks ago, I woke up and while eating my breakfast and staring at the table I decided enough was enough.  So I went to Lowes, picked up some stain and called my friend Amber and started dismantling the table and chairs.  The plan was that Amber and I would spend an afternoon sanding the chair seats and the table top.  One afternoon.  Just some simple sanding and staining.

The sanding alone took many, many more hours than either of us had planned.  If you factor in the two three-year-olds that we had running around during all of this the HOURS felt more like days.

Once the sanding was done and we had everything cleaned off the staining took virtually no time at all.

Of course it didn't take long for things to take a turn for the worse.  As in I really and truly lost my mind and/or let the fumes from the stain go straight to my head.  Standing back looking at the new table top and seats it was very apparent that the whole table needed to be painted lighter.  Something with more of a farmhouse look.  I was nervous about it but both Dan and Amber fully supported the idea.

Again, Amber and I thought it would just be a matter of picking up some paint at Lowes as well as an additive to help with the brush stroke lines and an afternoon of work.

First of all, even though it was a large project, a gallon of paint is an extremely excessive amount to purchase.  Trust me.

The color I ended up going with was called (will look this up in the morning when I go out to the garage) and I picked a satin finish.  As soon as the brush touched the new paint to the table and chairs Amber and I knew we were in trouble.  Nothing like hindsight to slap you in the face.

Three coats and roughly 5 days of painting (the chairs were the worst with all the detailing) and it was finally finished.  Then came days and days of coating all of the wood with linseed oil and letting it dry.  I can't tell you how sick of eating on the floor Mabry and I were.

In the end it was worth it.  I told Amber I would gladly help her with her dining room set if she ever needed me to.  She sure helped me a lot and without a single complaint.  As for everyone else my dining room table refinishing help will consist of Googling the nearest professional and/or furniture/antique stores and maybe tagging along for the car ride.

Not the best photo, but you can kind of see what the table looked like before I started:

New Dining Room Table copy

It really feels like an old farmhouse table now.
New Dining Room Table #3 copy
New Dining Room Table #4 copy

Certainly far from perfect, but I love it all the same.
New Dining Room Table #5 copy

It almost makes me think of something out of Pottery Barn's catalog.
New Dining Room Table #2 copy

Mabes enjoying the first meal on the new table.
Eating at the new table 5.24.11 copy

26 May 2011

random randomness

Mabry and Balloons

This is apparently week two of having my butt kicked with projects/deadlines/life going wrong.  Wish the universe would have given me a heads up.  I could have put it in my iCal and prepared.

The good news is I have friends who are there to help pick me up when I am down.  I love you all.  

I did take time out of this craptastic week to take some photos.  I wish I could do it more often, I love it so.

Sorry this isn't anything special.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow I won't be typing blog posts from the floor and my house will be somewhat organized and back to normal.  Fingers crossed anyhow.

In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from our shoot the other day.  
Jess and Mabry
Friendly Kiss
Sending Balloons to Dan with Landyn

25 May 2011


Ever since we moved into this house I haven't been a big fan of my kitchen cupboards.  The only problem is I don't think I have the patience to take everything down and paint or stain them.  The good thing is changing out something like the boring handles is easy and can make a big difference.

At first I thought about going to Hobby Lobby and picking up a whole bunch of mismatched knobs.  Then I started to think I really wanted to repurpose something and put my own spin on it.  Have I mentioned what a great site Pinterest is?  There is so much inspiration rolling around on that site.  Love it.

What follows is the step-by-step guide to how I made my own fork cupboard handles.

  • JB Weld (found at Lowes for around $6 near the glue)
  • Threaded posts (the length of the post varies, I liked the look of the 1/2")
  • Cocktail forks (mine came from The Christmas Tree Shops for $4.99 per set of 6)
  • Sandpaper
Forked 2

1.  Make sure that the post isn't too small that it slides in the holes already in the cupboard from the previous handles.

2.  Use sandpaper to rough up the ends of the post and the backs of the forks where the posts will be attached.
Forked 4

3.  Mix up the JB Weld.  If you have never used it before, don't be intimidated.  It is really easy!  There are two tubes that come in the package.  Squeeze equally amounts from each onto a paper plate (or the back of the box the forks came in).  I used one of those cheap retractable blades to mix the two together. You can usually find these near the checkout for $0.99 and they are great because they are a little flexible, which makes it easier to apply.  Make sure you keep a rag under everything as you work.
Forked 3

4.  Once you have attached the posts to the forks you need to put something heavy on them for at least 24-hours.  I'm sure that the proper tool to use would have been clamps.  Since I didn't have any, I used a Harry Potter book, ESPN encyclopedia, and a handful of Army books.  It all works.
Forked 1

5.  Screw onto the cupboard door and enjoy.  Make sure you don't screw them in too tight.  It will start to pull the post into the hole, even if the post was initially larger than the hole.  Trust me on this.  No need for us to both learn the hard way.  While we are at it, don't try and straighten out a fork that might have been bent a little more than others somehow.  If you apply enough pressure you can snap it right off the post.
Forked 5

I only did the handles for the cupboards that were above the counter top.  The drawers and lower cupboards are still the boring silver knobs.  With small children running around, I didn't want to have anything sharp on the lower doors.  I am thinking about getting some spoons and continuing the trend.

24 May 2011

a photo shoot gone wrong

Sometimes I take for granted the fact that Mabry has grown up with a camera in her face.  I expect her to happily have her photo taken at any given moment.  Apparently the girl is a carbon copy of her Mama.  In other words, she has a mind of her own and a stubborn streak a mile wide.  (Watch out Dan!)

Over the weekend I went to scout a few new locations for a photo shoot I am doing over Memorial Day weekend.  The client had asked that some of the pictures be taken by railroad tracks.  When I found these tracks just outside of town it was a little like hitting the jackpot in the lottery.  On my photographer high from finding such a great spot, I pulled Mabry out of the car to take a few impromptu photos.

She just wasn't having it.

At all.

Anatomy of a Shoot Gone Wrong

No matter how many times I begged her to just let me take one nice picture she refused.  She cried harder.  She yelled.  She turned various shades of red and purple.
Anatomy of a shoot gone wrong #4

In the end all that anger was for nothing.  Because you know what?
Anatomy of a shoot gone wrong #3
Anatomy of a shoot gone wrong #2

While not my most favorite photo, that last one turned out kind of cute in a way.  If you want to know the truth, I'm glad we have the meltdown photos too.  They add to the well rounded documentation of the life of the fabulous little girl that is Mabry and I wouldn't change her for the world.

Tantrums and all.

23 May 2011

the one with the list

Last week sort of spiraled out of control and got away from me.  I'm still trying to catch up on things and sort out everything that is rattling around in my brain.  So for today in an effort to sort through some of the smaller things, I thought I would compile a list.

1.  Last year I caught a few episodes of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  One scene really stuck out to me--how chicken nuggets are made.  Thinking about it now makes me want to gag.  I refuse to let Mabry eat them at all now.  Then yesterday I took a five minute break to look at Twitter and saw that someone had asked if anyone knew what ingredient was found in both chicken nuggets and breast implants.  Intrigued I Googled it.  I can't tell you how much I wish I hadn't.  Turns out it is something called Polydimethylsiloxane, an anti-foaming agent that can also be found in hair conditioner, caulking and Silly Putty.  I can't stop thinking about it.  I have no idea why.  Maybe sharing it with all of you will finally get it out of my head.

2.  In other food news, did you know that Hong Kong sells Coca Cola that instantly freezes?  I am keeping my fingers crossed that something like this shows up in the US.  I love frozen Coke.

3.  Eating all of your meals on the floor begins to lose its fun appeal on about day four if you are Mabry. If you are me it is around the day two mark.  The details as to why we are eating on the floor is a post already ready to go and scheduled for later this week.  So stay tuned.

4.  I finally got around to making the canvas bags for B's bachelorette party weekend.  I can't believe that the getaway is only a few weeks away.  As far as this wedding is concerned time is flying by.

I came up with the idea for the bags here.  The only change I made to the tutorial was using freezer paper to create an iron on stencil for the initial using one of the fonts we have been incorporating into the wedding print items I have designed.

5.  Since the fabric paint was already out I went ahead and made two tea towels for the kitchen.  A friend had given me the towels (left over from another project) and they have just been sitting on the craft dresser collecting dust for the last few months.

6.  I moved the office up to the bonus room right after Dan deployed.  It is so hot in this room that most of the time I feel like I can't breathe.  The problem is the rest of the house is a good 10 degrees cooler and there hasn't been a reason to turn on the A/C.  I don't know how to cool this room off.  Does anyone have a suggestion?

7.  Jack Johnson has become my best friend during this deployment.  I could seriously listen to this man sing forever.  Mabry calls him the Curious George guy.  I also am developing quite the love for Mumford and Sons.  I found out that they will be in Raleigh and wish I could see them.  But $97 for a ticket---seriously?!

Seven is a good number to end on.  Mainly because I need to walk away from the computer and out of this heat before my brain permanently fries.

19 May 2011

yep, another one

I promise I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  Mabry and I have been busy plugging away at several fun (and nerve racking) projects this week.  I can't wait to share them with each and every one of you.  However, the Super-Tired-Me has stuffed the Type-A-Neat-Freak-Me into the closet and deemed it bedtime.  Which means that everything, including a typing up decent post with photos, is going to have to wait until later this afternoon or sometime this evening.

Happy Thursday!  (Who else is excited for tonight's Grey's?)

16 May 2011

in which i phone it in

This is a picture free post.  Boring I know.  I'm not going to lie or try to sugarcoat it for you...the reason is because I am tired.  This weekend deployment has kicked my butt and I'm not even half way through it.

Exhibit A:  I changed the sheets on my bed and threw them in the wash.  After they were clean I transferred them to my couch.  Where they sat for two days amongst more clean laundry waiting to be folded.  This was partly out of laziness and partly because no matter how much I pray for it God refuses to bump days up to 30 hours.  When I finally did start folding and putting everything away I realized that my fitted sheet was missing.  At first I thought Mabry had taken it to use as a blanket for her dolls.  I searched in every closet, drawer, nook and cranny in this house.  No fitted sheet to be found.  The logical explanation I came up with?  Someone had broken into my house and stolen one fitted sheet and left.  Seriously.  I mean where else could it have possibly gone?  A week later I stripped my bed only to find that I had put the clean sheets right over top of the missing fitted sheet.  I had been sleeping on a wadded up fitted sheet and didn't even realize it.  Who does that?  People who are losing their sanity, that's who.

Send help.

In the meantime I thought I would share an article someone had posted on their facebook wall about things military wives hear (and hate).  Sadly I have heard all of these before.

1. "Aren't you afraid that he'll be killed?"
This one comes in at number one on the "duh" list for every military wife. Of course we're afraid. We're terrified. The thought always lingers in the backs of our minds -- but thanks, brilliant, you just brought it back to the front. Maybe next you can go ask someone with cancer if they're scared of dying.
2. "I don't know how you manage. I don't think I could do it."
This is intended to be a compliment, but it's just a little annoying. Here's why: It's not like all of us military wives have been dreaming since childhood of the day we'd get to be anxious single moms who carry cellphones with us to the bathroom and in the shower. We're not made of some mysterious matter that makes us more capable; we just got asked to take on a challenging job. So, we rose to the challenge and found the strength to make sacrifices.
3. "At least he's not in Iraq."
This is the number one most annoying comment for those whose husbands are in Afghanistan. What do they think is happening in Afghanistan? An international game of golf? Guys are fighting and dying over there.
4. "Do you think he'll get to come home for Christmas / anniversary / birthday / birth of a child / wedding / family reunion, etc.?"
Don't you watch the news? No! They don't get to come home for any of these things. Please don't ask again.
5. "What are you going to do to keep yourself busy while he's gone?"
Short answer: try to keep my sanity. Maybe there's a military wife out there who gets bored when her husband leaves, but I have yet to meet her. For the rest of us, those with and without children, we find ourselves having to be two people. That keeps us plenty busy. We do get lonely, but we don't get bored, and drinking massive amounts of wine always helps keep me busy.
6. "How much longer does he have until he can get out?"
This one is annoying to many of us whether our husbands are deployed or not. Many of our husbands aren't counting down the days until they "can" get out. Many of them keep signing back up again and again because they actually love what they do or they VOLUNTEER AGAIN and AGAIN to go back to Iraq because there is work that needs to be done.
7. "This deployment shouldn't be so bad, now that you're used to it."
Sure, we do learn coping skills, and it's true the more deployments you've gone through, the easier dealing with it becomes. And we figure out ways to make life go smoother while the guys are gone. But it never gets "easy" and the bullets and bombs don't skip over our guys just because they've been there before. The worry never goes away.
8. "My husband had to go to Europe for business once for three weeks. I totally know what you're going through."
This one is similar to number two. Do not equate your husband's three-week trip to London/Omaha/Tokyo/etc. with a 12–15-month or more deployment to a war zone. Aside from the obvious time difference, nobody shot at your husband or tried to blow him up with an IED (improvised explosive device), your husband could call home pretty much any time he wanted to, he flew comfortably on a commercial plane, slept between crisp white sheets and ate well, paying for everything with an expense account. There is no comparison. We do not feel bonded to you in the slightest because of this comment and, if anything, we probably resent you a bit for it. Comparing a 12-month combat deployment to a business trip is like comparing a Ford Taurus with a Mercedes convertible.
9. "Wow, you must miss him."
This one also gets another big "duh". Of course we miss our men. There are some wives who do not, and they're now divorced.
10. "Where is he exactly? Where is that?"
I don't expect non-military folks to be able to find Anbar Province on a map, but they should know by now that it's in Iraq. Likewise, know that Kabul and Kandahar are in Afghanistan. Know that Muqtada al Sadr is the insurgent leader of the Mahdi Army in Iraq and that Sadr City is his home area. Know that Iran is a major threat to our country and that it is located between Afghanistan and Iraq. Our country has been at war in Afghanistan for nine years and at war in Iraq for seven years. These basic facts are not secrets, they're on the news every night and in the papers every day -- and on maps everywhere.
11. "Well, he signed up for it, so it's his own fault whatever happens over there."
Yes, he did sign up. Each and every day he protects your right to make stupid, ignorant comments like that. He didn't sign up and ask to be hit by anything -- he signed up to protect his country. Oh, and by the way, he asked me to tell you that "You're welcome." He's still fighting for your freedom.
12. "Don't you miss sex? I couldn't do it!"
Hmmm. Seriously ... military spouses learn quickly that our relationships must be founded on something greater than sex. We learn to appreciate the important things, like simply hearing their voices, seeing their faces, being able to have dinner together every night. And the hard truth is, most relationships probably couldn't withstand 12 months of sex deprivation.
13. "Well, in my opinion ..."
Stop right there. I didn't ask for your personal political opinions. Hey, I love a heated political debate, but not in the grocery store, not in Jamba Juice, not at Nordstrom, not in a restaurant when I'm out with my girls trying to forget the war, and CERTAINLY NOT AT WORK. We tell co-workers about deployments so when we have to spend lunch hours running our butts off doing errands and taking care of the house, dog and kids, they have an understanding. We do not tell co-workers and colleagues because we are inviting them to ramble about politics or because we so eagerly want to hear how much they hate the president. Especially while we're trying to heat up our Lean Cuisine in the crappy office microwave.
Last but not least ...
14. "Oh, that's horrible ... I'm so sorry!"
He's doing his job and he's tough. Don't be sorry. Be appreciative and please take a moment out of your comfortable American lives to realize that our military fights the wars abroad so those wars stay abroad and you stay safe.

This story originally appeared on The War Report.

13 May 2011

lonesome sundown

Sunset at Granny's #2

There isn't much to say for today's post. I spent the majority of yesterday in my PJs editing some photos and working on new headers for some blogs.  In the midst of editing I came upon some photos I had taken of a sunset on my Granny's farm when we were visiting last month. These are all straight out of camera, no editing (unless you count the additon of my watermark). These photos just prove why her farm has to be one of my most favorite places on the planet to visit.  Just looking at them gives me a peaceful, quiet feeling.

God is an amazing artist.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Sunset at Granny's #8
Sunset at Granny's #6
Sunset at Granny's #7
Sunset at Granny's #3

please excuse the mess...

as I work on updating the look of my blog.  Hopefully everything will be completed by the end of the day. I am also hoping that Blogger does me a solid and replaces my posts that it took down.  I don't want to have to redo them if I don't have to.

12 May 2011

easter: better late than never

Easter 2011

Even though I am three weeks over due, I thought I would share some photos from Easter.  This year the  Easter Bunny (or EB as Mabry calls him) traveled all the way to Pennsylvania to bring Mabry two baskets filled with goodies as well as a bunch of hidden eggs.  Mabry was so excited that she had a hard time falling asleep the night before.  All of the "he won't come if you don't go to sleep" threats meant nothing to her and it was well after 1AM before she finally fell asleep.

In the morning she woke up and immediately ran to the window to see if she could spot EB.  Apparently she thought he would be waiting outside and so she became the saddest girl in the world for all of two minutes until she walked downstairs and saw a Snow White doll sitting on the couch waiting for her.

The egg hunt was a huge success.  Even if we had to follow her from room to room and basically put her on top of the eggs before she would discover them.  Every time she would spot an egg she was surprised.  Apparently the title Easter egg hunt was totally lost on her.  As evidence of her surprise I give you this video: (As well as an advance apology to my sister for putting up images of her in her PJs first thing in the morning.  You are still beautiful, Betsy.  Own it.)

After gathering up all the Easter goodies it was time to put on fancy dresses and bows.  Don't you just want to eat those adorably chubby cheeks up with a spoon?  I know I am the Mama--but I seriously just love this girlie to pieces.
Easter 2011 #6

Sven, my sister's soon-to-be-husband, is an amazing cook.  The whole time we were there he kept whipping up these awesome meals.  That morning he had made a breakfast feast including a soft boiled egg to peel and eat in a little holder at each place setting.  I looked over at one point and saw that Mabry had taken a bite out of the egg, shell and all.  She was happily munching away and couldn't understand why I whipped out my napkin and made her spit it out.  We all got a good laugh, but she was embarrassed and it showed.
Easter 2011 #2

In the afternoon we went to not one but two parks.  Even Gunnar, B's dog, got in on the action.  Of course Mabry loves her "Uncle Spen" and was thrilled to be playing with him on the swings, slides and rock wall.  When she was on the swing she would beg us to push her as high as we could.  I think my little daredevil enjoys the stomach drop feeling.  Check out her facial expression in the one photo below:
Easter 2011 #3

The adults were also wildly entertained by the merry-go-round. (Can you see Sven's grin?)  We all took turns whipping each other around until we were sick, literally.
Easter 2011 #4

The weather was beautiful and Mabry declared it, "The best day in [her] life ever."

Ps.  Betsy: Apparently I am a squinter.  Hopefully we won't have this problem on your wedding day.
Easter 2011 #5
Easter 2011 #7

11 May 2011

review: how to be God's little princess

"When it comes to princesses, and (of course) everything pink, there's always fun ahead!  How to be God's Little Princess is a delightful how-to guide to help girls polish their royal flair in manners and etiquette and to discover their true beauty."

How to be God's Little Princess by Shelia Walsh is a dream handbook for every little girl who dreams of one day becoming a princess.  It has chapters covering everything from how to dress like a princess, how to wear a tiara, how to be friends princess style, how to be a perfectly polite princess, how a princess sports a good attitude, to how a princess knows she needs an inner beauty makeover.  

While the book is cute; however I wish it would focus a little more on God and the message that we are all God's princesses - no matter what.  While my daughter is very much in the princess stage of her life, I felt that the book talks a lot about outward appearance and that is just not something I want to focus on with my three-year-old.  

My favorite page in the whole book is found towards the very end.  In the chapter about beauty essentials it says, "The Bible tells us about God and His Son Jesus.  But it also provides wisdom and comfort.  A princess memorizes Scripture to carry God's Word in her heart at all times."  

The book also includes quizzes, crafts and plenty of opportunity to be a conversation starter between you and the little princess(es) in your life.  I recommend this book for any little girl in your life who you would like to help teach about fellowship, manners, etiquette and all around being one of God's princesses.

diy photo mosaic

One of the best things about blogging for me has been all of the inspiration I have come across to help me to make my house a home.

A few months back I saw a photo mosaic that I fell in love with.  The only thing I didn't like was that the photos had been hot glued to the wall.  I wanted something square in shape with the least obtrusive frame possible.  There were a few ideas tossed around in my brain about how to achieve this, but nothing promising.

Finally I came across the Ribba frame while roaming around the IKEA in Philadelphia with my sister last week.  On Mother's Day while Mabry napped I sorted through photos picking out some of my favorites from the last few years.

Using Photoshop I changed all of the photos to have the same appearance coloring.  Batch editing made this the easiest part of the whole project.

The frame was 50cmx50cm.  So I knew 4 inch squares would work perfectly.  The least amount of math that I have to do the better.  Ha!  Some of the photos were easy to cut down.  One slice and they were done.

Others took a little trimming from both sides to include the part of the photo I wanted to.  I highly recommend the Cricut paper cutter from Michaels.  Especially if you can pick it up with a 40% off coupon.  It has come in handy for several different projects.

Here is my finished project:

A close up of the mosaic:

Between this and the pallet shelf the hallway has become one of my favorite parts of the house.

10 May 2011

the play's the thing

When I was growing up my Mom and Grandmothers took my sisters and I to several plays and symphonies.  I loved getting dressed up and going to the theatre.  There truly is something magical that happens as the lights go down, the curtain rises and the music starts.  These are treasured childhood memories and traditions that I want to be able to pass on to Mabry.

Around Christmas of last year I decided that she was probably old enough to attend a play.  The problem was finding something that was child friendly and reasonably priced in our area.  I really wanted to take her to see Shrek the Musical because that is one of her favorite movies.  But at $140 for two tickets in the OK seating section---let's just leave it at NO WAY.

Finally I found a community playhouse that wasn't too far from home that was putting on a production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  Another favorite in this house.  I immediately purchased tickets and then waited over a month for the day to actually arrive.  For the sake of my sanity I waited until the night before to tell Mabry that we were going on a special Mama-daughter date to the theatre.  This turned out to be a wise decision because last Friday she asked no less than 40 times if it was night time so we could go on our special date.  I can only imagine what 30+ days of asking would have been like.

Since no photography was allowed in the building, I was armed only with my trusty iPhone 4.  Sorry about the lack of photo quality.  I had to be a sneaky picture ninja in order to take the few photos I did.

Right after we took this photo Mabry raced up to the box office and tried to "buy tickets."  She kept telling me it was, "her treat."  Such a sweetheart.
Beauty and the Beast

The cast did a fairly good job.  The stage hands were still working out the kinks of changing sets, but all in all I would give it a B+.  Mabry was a little upset that Gaston was missing his ponytail.  (Hard to tell in the photo-but he was played by a fair haired young kid.)
Beauty and the Beast

Lumiere and Cogsworth stole the show with their jokes.  They were both played by local youth pastors.  I can't imagine it was much fun for Lumiere to hold his arms up at 90 degree angles for almost three hours.
Beauty and the Beast

The beast scared Mabry.  She kept telling me that he was going to come down the aisle and get me.  However she did promise to protect me if he did.  Belle was, of course, her favorite cast member.
Beauty and the Beast

My favorite was the guy dressed as a cheese grater.  He was older and his dancing skills consisted of swaying back and forth with the least amount of rhythm possible, but darn if he didn't try.  He made me smile every time he was on stage.
Beauty and the Beast

All in all it was a good way to spend a Friday night with my best girl.  I can't wait to do it again in the very near future.
Beauty and the Beast

09 May 2011

lazy weekend

Mabry and I had the perfect low key weekend.  After all the running around we have been doing for the last few weeks it felt good to just hang out and not do much of anything.  I have an incredibly messy house to prove just how little was done.  Come on over, I would be happy to show you and then put you to work.

Saturday was supposed to be Duck Derby day.  Only it wasn't meant to be.  The people running the event didn't clearly put the time that the bulldozers would drop 15,000 rubber ducks into a river for the actual race.  All I could find was that it started at 1:00pm.  It wasn't until we showed up that we found out the race itself wasn't until 3:45pm.  There was no way I was going to keep both of us happy and entertained for almost three hours.  So we left.  I managed to take one very pouty photo of the ducks and a random little girl as we were literally walking up the road to leave:
Duck Derby Fail

Even though the derby was a fail, we still managed to save the day in the form of chocolate chip cookies.  Well more like the cookie dough.  We baked dozens of cookies to send to Dan and his friends and ate as much dough as we could before actually getting sick in the process.

Every morning last week Mabry would wake up and ask if it was Mother's Day yet.  Apparently all of the Hallmark commercials were getting to her.  So on Saturday before bed I told her that when she woke up it would finally be Mother's Day.  I am not sure what she was thinking the day would bring, but very early Sunday morning my eyelids were being pried open by a very excited three-year-old.  She spent the next hour yelling, "Happy Mother's Day, Mama!" and then slamming her body into my head in an aggressive bear hug like manner while I tried to sleep just a little longer.  I'll take that to choking down microwaved scrambled eggs any time.  (Sorry about all of those Mother's Days, Mom.)

Much of the afternoon was spent working on little projects around the house that didn't need to be done, but that we wanted to do.  More on those later this week.  Mabes even did me a solid and took a real nap in the afternoon without a fight giving me some time to doze on the couch and catch up on some of the DVR'd shows I had been missing.

Dan called late in the afternoon to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and while we had him on speaker phone I took the opportunity to open my gift from him and Mabry.  They knew just what I wanted and bought me an adapter for my camera.  Woot, woot!
Mothers Day 2011

Notice that Mabry's hair hadn't been brushed since her nap.  We are all about style in this house.  Also, the remote is in my hand for the camera.  I was too lazy to try and hide it.  Whoops.

Hope you all had a lazy perfect weekend too.
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