12 May 2011

easter: better late than never

Easter 2011

Even though I am three weeks over due, I thought I would share some photos from Easter.  This year the  Easter Bunny (or EB as Mabry calls him) traveled all the way to Pennsylvania to bring Mabry two baskets filled with goodies as well as a bunch of hidden eggs.  Mabry was so excited that she had a hard time falling asleep the night before.  All of the "he won't come if you don't go to sleep" threats meant nothing to her and it was well after 1AM before she finally fell asleep.

In the morning she woke up and immediately ran to the window to see if she could spot EB.  Apparently she thought he would be waiting outside and so she became the saddest girl in the world for all of two minutes until she walked downstairs and saw a Snow White doll sitting on the couch waiting for her.

The egg hunt was a huge success.  Even if we had to follow her from room to room and basically put her on top of the eggs before she would discover them.  Every time she would spot an egg she was surprised.  Apparently the title Easter egg hunt was totally lost on her.  As evidence of her surprise I give you this video: (As well as an advance apology to my sister for putting up images of her in her PJs first thing in the morning.  You are still beautiful, Betsy.  Own it.)

After gathering up all the Easter goodies it was time to put on fancy dresses and bows.  Don't you just want to eat those adorably chubby cheeks up with a spoon?  I know I am the Mama--but I seriously just love this girlie to pieces.
Easter 2011 #6

Sven, my sister's soon-to-be-husband, is an amazing cook.  The whole time we were there he kept whipping up these awesome meals.  That morning he had made a breakfast feast including a soft boiled egg to peel and eat in a little holder at each place setting.  I looked over at one point and saw that Mabry had taken a bite out of the egg, shell and all.  She was happily munching away and couldn't understand why I whipped out my napkin and made her spit it out.  We all got a good laugh, but she was embarrassed and it showed.
Easter 2011 #2

In the afternoon we went to not one but two parks.  Even Gunnar, B's dog, got in on the action.  Of course Mabry loves her "Uncle Spen" and was thrilled to be playing with him on the swings, slides and rock wall.  When she was on the swing she would beg us to push her as high as we could.  I think my little daredevil enjoys the stomach drop feeling.  Check out her facial expression in the one photo below:
Easter 2011 #3

The adults were also wildly entertained by the merry-go-round. (Can you see Sven's grin?)  We all took turns whipping each other around until we were sick, literally.
Easter 2011 #4

The weather was beautiful and Mabry declared it, "The best day in [her] life ever."

Ps.  Betsy: Apparently I am a squinter.  Hopefully we won't have this problem on your wedding day.
Easter 2011 #5
Easter 2011 #7


  1. Not just because I am your momma, but you take some amazing pics. I love that one of Mabry on the swing.

  2. cool tip about squinting...close your eyes, put your head down and don't smile. When the photographer counts down, open them up when they hit 3 (or whatever they say) just open them up and you look all nice and refreshed. We did this a lot when photographing a HUGE group last summer.


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