05 May 2011


17 days of nonstop visiting, entertaining, and driving up and down the east coast is exhausting.

This evening after her bath Mabry went to play in her playroom while I fixed dinner and worked on unpacking and putting things away.  After about ten minutes my Mama-radar went off that something wasn't quite right.  It took me only a second to realize that things were too quiet in the back end of the house.  So I crept down the hall only to discover this:
IMG_6517 copy
I wish that I had the ability to just lay down on my rug and take a nap.  Unfortunately I have a mountain of things to do around here.  We have been home for just over 24-hours and I still have a dining room table full of things I need to put away and two loads of laundry sitting on my couch waiting to be folded.
IMG_6519 copy
The best and worst part of traveling is the DVR.  There are many lonely nights when there is nothing good on and a full DVR helps pass the time.  The only problem is mine is so full that if I don't start watching some of the shows soon they are going to be recorded over with more recent stuff.

I know, I know.  This is very much a first world problem.  I should consider myself lucky that a too full DVR is one of my biggest dilemmas this week.
IMG_6521 copy
It is getting late and I think I am going to put off the rest of the unpacking until tomorrow.  For now I am off to go cuddle with my sleepy girl.
IMG_6522 copy

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