25 May 2011


Ever since we moved into this house I haven't been a big fan of my kitchen cupboards.  The only problem is I don't think I have the patience to take everything down and paint or stain them.  The good thing is changing out something like the boring handles is easy and can make a big difference.

At first I thought about going to Hobby Lobby and picking up a whole bunch of mismatched knobs.  Then I started to think I really wanted to repurpose something and put my own spin on it.  Have I mentioned what a great site Pinterest is?  There is so much inspiration rolling around on that site.  Love it.

What follows is the step-by-step guide to how I made my own fork cupboard handles.

  • JB Weld (found at Lowes for around $6 near the glue)
  • Threaded posts (the length of the post varies, I liked the look of the 1/2")
  • Cocktail forks (mine came from The Christmas Tree Shops for $4.99 per set of 6)
  • Sandpaper
Forked 2

1.  Make sure that the post isn't too small that it slides in the holes already in the cupboard from the previous handles.

2.  Use sandpaper to rough up the ends of the post and the backs of the forks where the posts will be attached.
Forked 4

3.  Mix up the JB Weld.  If you have never used it before, don't be intimidated.  It is really easy!  There are two tubes that come in the package.  Squeeze equally amounts from each onto a paper plate (or the back of the box the forks came in).  I used one of those cheap retractable blades to mix the two together. You can usually find these near the checkout for $0.99 and they are great because they are a little flexible, which makes it easier to apply.  Make sure you keep a rag under everything as you work.
Forked 3

4.  Once you have attached the posts to the forks you need to put something heavy on them for at least 24-hours.  I'm sure that the proper tool to use would have been clamps.  Since I didn't have any, I used a Harry Potter book, ESPN encyclopedia, and a handful of Army books.  It all works.
Forked 1

5.  Screw onto the cupboard door and enjoy.  Make sure you don't screw them in too tight.  It will start to pull the post into the hole, even if the post was initially larger than the hole.  Trust me on this.  No need for us to both learn the hard way.  While we are at it, don't try and straighten out a fork that might have been bent a little more than others somehow.  If you apply enough pressure you can snap it right off the post.
Forked 5

I only did the handles for the cupboards that were above the counter top.  The drawers and lower cupboards are still the boring silver knobs.  With small children running around, I didn't want to have anything sharp on the lower doors.  I am thinking about getting some spoons and continuing the trend.

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