09 May 2011

lazy weekend

Mabry and I had the perfect low key weekend.  After all the running around we have been doing for the last few weeks it felt good to just hang out and not do much of anything.  I have an incredibly messy house to prove just how little was done.  Come on over, I would be happy to show you and then put you to work.

Saturday was supposed to be Duck Derby day.  Only it wasn't meant to be.  The people running the event didn't clearly put the time that the bulldozers would drop 15,000 rubber ducks into a river for the actual race.  All I could find was that it started at 1:00pm.  It wasn't until we showed up that we found out the race itself wasn't until 3:45pm.  There was no way I was going to keep both of us happy and entertained for almost three hours.  So we left.  I managed to take one very pouty photo of the ducks and a random little girl as we were literally walking up the road to leave:
Duck Derby Fail

Even though the derby was a fail, we still managed to save the day in the form of chocolate chip cookies.  Well more like the cookie dough.  We baked dozens of cookies to send to Dan and his friends and ate as much dough as we could before actually getting sick in the process.

Every morning last week Mabry would wake up and ask if it was Mother's Day yet.  Apparently all of the Hallmark commercials were getting to her.  So on Saturday before bed I told her that when she woke up it would finally be Mother's Day.  I am not sure what she was thinking the day would bring, but very early Sunday morning my eyelids were being pried open by a very excited three-year-old.  She spent the next hour yelling, "Happy Mother's Day, Mama!" and then slamming her body into my head in an aggressive bear hug like manner while I tried to sleep just a little longer.  I'll take that to choking down microwaved scrambled eggs any time.  (Sorry about all of those Mother's Days, Mom.)

Much of the afternoon was spent working on little projects around the house that didn't need to be done, but that we wanted to do.  More on those later this week.  Mabes even did me a solid and took a real nap in the afternoon without a fight giving me some time to doze on the couch and catch up on some of the DVR'd shows I had been missing.

Dan called late in the afternoon to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and while we had him on speaker phone I took the opportunity to open my gift from him and Mabry.  They knew just what I wanted and bought me an adapter for my camera.  Woot, woot!
Mothers Day 2011

Notice that Mabry's hair hadn't been brushed since her nap.  We are all about style in this house.  Also, the remote is in my hand for the camera.  I was too lazy to try and hide it.  Whoops.

Hope you all had a lazy perfect weekend too.

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