13 May 2011

lonesome sundown

Sunset at Granny's #2

There isn't much to say for today's post. I spent the majority of yesterday in my PJs editing some photos and working on new headers for some blogs.  In the midst of editing I came upon some photos I had taken of a sunset on my Granny's farm when we were visiting last month. These are all straight out of camera, no editing (unless you count the additon of my watermark). These photos just prove why her farm has to be one of my most favorite places on the planet to visit.  Just looking at them gives me a peaceful, quiet feeling.

God is an amazing artist.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Sunset at Granny's #8
Sunset at Granny's #6
Sunset at Granny's #7
Sunset at Granny's #3


  1. Daniel Oakes5/13/11, 10:46 PM

    You honey are truly an amazing artist too. Excellent job on the photos

  2. Those photos are stunning. I know I love the peace and quiet there at the farm too.


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