06 May 2011

strawberry fields forever

Yesterday afternoon Mabry and I met our friend Dana and her daughter, Baby Norah, for lunch.  Side note: I am fairly confident that even when she is thirty-years-old we will still refer to her as "Baby Norah."  Anyhow, after lunch we decided to take the girls to pick strawberries at a farm down the street.  Last year I had tried to take Mabry strawberry picking and it was a total fail.  This time was much better.

There was major excitement when she realized she could pick the strawberries off of the plants and not get yelled at.
Strawberry Picking

Fresh strawberries.  YUM!  Notice the tiny berries in the basket.  Mabry kept picking the smallest ones she could find no matter how much I encouraged her to pick the big ones.

Dana and Norah hard at work filling up their basket.  Well Dana was busy filling up their basket.  Norah on the other hand...

...just wanted to pick as many berries as she could and...

...stuff her little face.  It was really cute.

Mabry was a really happy camper when she realized she could sneak some berries to eat as she went.

We ended up with a rather large harvest.  However since she and I would easily consume our weight in strawberries and raspberries if given the opportunity, we will be lucky if these last us through the weekend.

Next time we go (and I do plan on there being a next time) I will bring my camera with me.  Since this was an impromtu decision, I only had my iPhone with me and the Instagram app that I love so much.

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  1. What a great little helper. I can't believe how big baby Norah is...she was itty bitty last time we saw her.


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