31 May 2011

the dining room redo from hell

Disclaimer:  I apologize if this post is a bit rambling.  I am extremely tired and have about a million things I have to do before I can allow myself to go to sleep tonight.  This post is one of them and I can't make any promises on how coherent it is going to end up.

There have been several instances over the last 4-5 years where I have professed my love for our dining room table.  Something about a pub height, square table gets my heart racing.  The thing about the table that I never liked was the top and seats.  I was not a fan of the reddish hued wood or the numerous amounts of scratches that were put on the top just months after buying it.

PSA Timeout: It is never a good idea to use your dining room chairs in place of a ladder when painting.  Especially when the chair is very dark and the paint you are using is light.  No matter what you do it will splatter and you will spend the next 4-5 years staring at the splatters and driving yourself crazy.  I'm just saying.

Anyhow, this post is really all about how my DIY eyes were much bigger than my DIY stomach if you know what I mean.

One morning, about two weeks ago, I woke up and while eating my breakfast and staring at the table I decided enough was enough.  So I went to Lowes, picked up some stain and called my friend Amber and started dismantling the table and chairs.  The plan was that Amber and I would spend an afternoon sanding the chair seats and the table top.  One afternoon.  Just some simple sanding and staining.

The sanding alone took many, many more hours than either of us had planned.  If you factor in the two three-year-olds that we had running around during all of this the HOURS felt more like days.

Once the sanding was done and we had everything cleaned off the staining took virtually no time at all.

Of course it didn't take long for things to take a turn for the worse.  As in I really and truly lost my mind and/or let the fumes from the stain go straight to my head.  Standing back looking at the new table top and seats it was very apparent that the whole table needed to be painted lighter.  Something with more of a farmhouse look.  I was nervous about it but both Dan and Amber fully supported the idea.

Again, Amber and I thought it would just be a matter of picking up some paint at Lowes as well as an additive to help with the brush stroke lines and an afternoon of work.

First of all, even though it was a large project, a gallon of paint is an extremely excessive amount to purchase.  Trust me.

The color I ended up going with was called (will look this up in the morning when I go out to the garage) and I picked a satin finish.  As soon as the brush touched the new paint to the table and chairs Amber and I knew we were in trouble.  Nothing like hindsight to slap you in the face.

Three coats and roughly 5 days of painting (the chairs were the worst with all the detailing) and it was finally finished.  Then came days and days of coating all of the wood with linseed oil and letting it dry.  I can't tell you how sick of eating on the floor Mabry and I were.

In the end it was worth it.  I told Amber I would gladly help her with her dining room set if she ever needed me to.  She sure helped me a lot and without a single complaint.  As for everyone else my dining room table refinishing help will consist of Googling the nearest professional and/or furniture/antique stores and maybe tagging along for the car ride.

Not the best photo, but you can kind of see what the table looked like before I started:

New Dining Room Table copy

It really feels like an old farmhouse table now.
New Dining Room Table #3 copy
New Dining Room Table #4 copy

Certainly far from perfect, but I love it all the same.
New Dining Room Table #5 copy

It almost makes me think of something out of Pottery Barn's catalog.
New Dining Room Table #2 copy

Mabes enjoying the first meal on the new table.
Eating at the new table 5.24.11 copy

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  1. Gorgeous. That is what I've been wanting to do with my table. I love it.



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