10 May 2011

the play's the thing

When I was growing up my Mom and Grandmothers took my sisters and I to several plays and symphonies.  I loved getting dressed up and going to the theatre.  There truly is something magical that happens as the lights go down, the curtain rises and the music starts.  These are treasured childhood memories and traditions that I want to be able to pass on to Mabry.

Around Christmas of last year I decided that she was probably old enough to attend a play.  The problem was finding something that was child friendly and reasonably priced in our area.  I really wanted to take her to see Shrek the Musical because that is one of her favorite movies.  But at $140 for two tickets in the OK seating section---let's just leave it at NO WAY.

Finally I found a community playhouse that wasn't too far from home that was putting on a production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  Another favorite in this house.  I immediately purchased tickets and then waited over a month for the day to actually arrive.  For the sake of my sanity I waited until the night before to tell Mabry that we were going on a special Mama-daughter date to the theatre.  This turned out to be a wise decision because last Friday she asked no less than 40 times if it was night time so we could go on our special date.  I can only imagine what 30+ days of asking would have been like.

Since no photography was allowed in the building, I was armed only with my trusty iPhone 4.  Sorry about the lack of photo quality.  I had to be a sneaky picture ninja in order to take the few photos I did.

Right after we took this photo Mabry raced up to the box office and tried to "buy tickets."  She kept telling me it was, "her treat."  Such a sweetheart.
Beauty and the Beast

The cast did a fairly good job.  The stage hands were still working out the kinks of changing sets, but all in all I would give it a B+.  Mabry was a little upset that Gaston was missing his ponytail.  (Hard to tell in the photo-but he was played by a fair haired young kid.)
Beauty and the Beast

Lumiere and Cogsworth stole the show with their jokes.  They were both played by local youth pastors.  I can't imagine it was much fun for Lumiere to hold his arms up at 90 degree angles for almost three hours.
Beauty and the Beast

The beast scared Mabry.  She kept telling me that he was going to come down the aisle and get me.  However she did promise to protect me if he did.  Belle was, of course, her favorite cast member.
Beauty and the Beast

My favorite was the guy dressed as a cheese grater.  He was older and his dancing skills consisted of swaying back and forth with the least amount of rhythm possible, but darn if he didn't try.  He made me smile every time he was on stage.
Beauty and the Beast

All in all it was a good way to spend a Friday night with my best girl.  I can't wait to do it again in the very near future.
Beauty and the Beast

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