22 June 2011

a plea: dan come home soon i am running out of rooms

Right after Dan deployed I moved the office upstairs into what was the play room and then the play room was moved back downstairs into the room that had been the office.  Two weeks ago I decided to switch the play room and Mabry's room.  Partly because I wanted her to have more room to play and partly because I was bored and saw this photo on Pinterest and was inspired.

The only stipulation that I made for myself was that I had $40 to do any changes.  Everything else had to either be something I already had.

It turned out exactly the way I had hoped.  

Step into Mabry's new room...  

This height chart was another Pinterest inspiration.  A piece of whiteboard, some stain and a little acrylic paint was all it took.  I actually made this at the end of last month and it was hanging in the play room, so I just left it.

Mabry is not very big:

The white dresser and nightstand Mabry had weren't the best.  I really wanted to find her an antique that I could refinish.  So I listed what we had on Craigslist and sold it two days later for $75.  I then found this 1960s dresser for $40.  I sanded and stained it and then added the knobs from Hobby Lobby.  The jar of Hershey Kisses is our way of counting down until Dan comes home.  A kiss from Dada each night until he gets back.  (Except I have to replenish the jar because I might sneak one or two sometimes.)

The canvas in the frame and the one just sitting on the dresser were both left over from a project I had done over a year ago.  I used other pictures I had seen as inspiration and recreated them with a little acrylic paint.  (I blurred out Mabry's full name on the one picture.)

The wreath was actually a yarn wreath I had made around Christmas but could never find a place for.  The yellow trim was from Michael's, the curtains and rod were already hanging in this room from when it was my office.

I bought a the thick grey ribbon and then created the rosettes from scrap material I had for the dress form.  It took two cans of spray paint to cover the bookshelf:

Up to this point I hadn't really spent any money since I had sold the dresser and nightstand replaced it for less.  I ended up using my original $40 budget on sheets from Walmart, a clearance blanket (not pictured) from Target and some material to make the ruffles at the end of the bed, cover the headboard and make some pillows.  The buttons on the headboard were a collection of random ones I had lying around.  I still have a couple of pillows to make, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

The flashcards were a free printable found here.  Betsy and I had hung them up in the play room when she was visiting and it worked so well with the color scheme that I kept it.

Mabry is really happy with her new room and I am too.


  1. It looks great Jess. She will enjoy it for a long time. Love the ruffles on the bed.


  2. Love the yellow and grey. Love the ruffles. Love the trim on the curtains. Great job on all of it. Now come do my room.


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