01 June 2011

a surprise party

On one of the afternoons that A and I spent slaving away on my dining room table and chairs in the garage Mabry and L were hard at work putting together a party for us.

We had no idea.

Talk about a surprise when I walked in and found my living room looking like this:
Surprise Birthday Party #8 copy

It was hard to be mad when we saw these cute little faces yelling, "Surprise!  Happy Birthday!"

They came up with the whole thing on their own.  They managed to get along and execute a perfect party.

They had made a "cake" in the shape of a cash register.  Maybe to represent our love of shopping??  Mabry took charge of cutting up pieces for everyone.
Surprise Birthday Party #5 copy

After that it was time to open presents.  There were some stuffed animals and some blankets.  Our job was to look surprised and wait for each of the kiddos to tell us what we were opening.  I am happy to report I got a puppy.  I am even more happy to report he isn't real.

While I still maintain that three is an extremely tough age to deal with day-to-day I am really loving all the imagination that is pouring out of these two.

I just love them to bits.  The whole party made my Mama heart very happy.

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  1. Oh my goodness! They are quite a pair! Mabry is getting so big! Jess when I read this, it made me really miss those days where we would talk and talk and talk. I really miss you guys!
    Some Luv from Kansas!


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