10 June 2011

anthropologie inspired sign

Anthro Inspired Sign

While B was here over Memorial Day weekend to help with the board and batten I put her to work on a few other projects I had going on at the house.  One of which was to help me find a way to fill up some blank wall space in the living room since I had rearranged it the week before.

We were coming up with all kinds of ideas, but nothing really got me excited.  Which was a total bummer.  Then one evening we decided to throw together a sign out of a piece of whiteboard and some supplies from around my house for in her dining room.  After seeing her sign I knew I wanted to make one for myself.  The empty wall was the perfect place to put it.  The hardest part was picking what quote to put on the board.

B and I both thought that the signs looked like something you would find in Anthropologie.  Only a crap ton cheaper.

Want to make a sign for yourself?  Follow these simple steps:

1.  Go to Lowes and pick up a piece of 1x6xwhatever you want whiteboard.

2.  Have the Lowes people cut the board into however many pieces of equal length that you plan to use. In my case I bought a 1x6x12 and had it cut into three 3 1/2 foot long pieces.  I saved the leftover for a future (unknown) project.

3.  Stain all the wood.  I used the Dark Walnut stain from Minwax.  I only did one coat.  I also only stained the front and sides.  There were two thin pieces of wood that had to be stained as well.  We used scraps left over from the board and batten project.  Make sure you stain those too.

4.  Let the stain dry for about an hour or so.
Anthro Inspired Sign

5.  Using Photoshop or whatever program you may have pick a quote, font(s) and sizes for everything you want.  Then print it out.

6.  Trace the letters onto contact paper and cut out.  We found that the exacto-knife didn't work well with the contact paper.  It was just easier to use scissors.

7.  Peel the contact paper from the backing and stick to the wood.  I wasn't very particular about placement.  I just sort of arranged them on the boards somewhat at random.
Anthro Inspired Sign

8.  You can tape the sides off if you want, or be extra lazy and inpatient and just hope you won't get any paint on them.  (Guess which way I went.)

9.  Using a sponge brush apply a very thin coat of paint all over the top of the board and contact paper.  Almost as if you are whitewashing the board.
Anthro Inspired Sign

10.  Realize you have zero patience and as soon as you finish painting the last board go back to the first board and start peeling off the contact paper to expose the stained letters underneath.

11.  Wait a few more minutes to make sure that everything is dry enough and then flip all of the boards over.  Determine how much space you want between the boards and then using screws attach the scrap wood pieces to hold everything together.

Anthro Inspired Sign

12.  Attach a D-ring hook to the top middle of the frame (make sure you measure).

Anthro Inspired Sign

13.  Hang and enjoy.

14.  Decide that you are missing a little something and convince your sister to paint a little blue heart at the end of the quote while you make dinner.

Anthro Inspired Sign

In case some of you are curious, this is what B's sign (aka my inspiration) looks like:
Anthro Inspired Sign

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