30 June 2011

dancing queen the remix

This post from June 2009 made me think about how much Mabry has always loved to dance.  I dug up a couple more videos of the girlie dancing to share as well.

One way for Mabry and I to pass the time is to crank up the oldies music that we both love so much and dance on the counter tops. Don't worry, I was right there to catch her and she really wasn't near the edge at all. By the way, like how I figured out how to post larger videos??

These videos are from when she was only 17 days old:

Then just a few months later:

For more of Mabry dancing you can also check out this post and this post.

As a reminder to myself: Tomorrow is the day you can finally sign her up for dance lessons. Make sure you do it!

1 comment:

  1. I love in the last video when the waitress walks back to see what you were recording and then Dan's face at the end. Love it!


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