08 June 2011

just call me the third winkle

Hi there.  Haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  Just trying to catch up on...well...everything.  It seems like for every week that goes good I end up with two that put me further and further behind.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of getting to share in my sister's bachelorette party in Cape Charles, Virginia.  There were seven of us girls and we had a blast.  Hopefully in the coming days I will be organized enough to share a few more photos with all of you.  The thing with sharing photos is I still have to get them off my camera and onto the computer.  A process that is going to involve at least a tiny bit of time which I currently am short on.

However, one of B's friends already shared her photos with the rest of us.  So I thought I would tell you a quick story from our Saturday afternoon.

As part of the weekend I organized a kayak/winery tour for everyone.  Most of us had never been in kayak before (myself included).  Having done the canoe thing more times than I count in my life I figured how hard could it be.  Several of the girls ended up in single kayaks.  The rest of us were in a double kayak.  B and I volunteered to go in a double.  We were the first ones to shove off from the shore.

Straight into a pier.

My Dad is currently hanging his head in shame.  It gets better, Dad, don't worry.

Then we started paddling in the direction of marshland.  Everyone else in the group had turned left and started paddling into the horizon.  A guide finally came back and gave us some tips and a whole lot of pity.  He was nice enough to say that we were almost the worst kayakers he had ever been around.

Cut to after the tour (1600s farmhouse and farm land...swoon!).  B and I got back in the kayak and it was like the Winklevoss twins were reborn into our bodies.

(In case you are wondering, the music in the video is exactly what was playing in my head as I went.)

Check out my look of pure determination:
Photo Jun 04, 5 57 06 PM
Sidenote: B if you are reading this, what exactly were you doing back there?

We were so in sync that we kept challenging people to races, including the other girls in the tandem (red) kayak:

The guide told us on a few occasions that we had to have been the most improved.

I guess all that is left to say is BOO-YAH!

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