14 June 2011

mabry's bathroom reveal

Several times on here there has been mention of my love for a certain photo of a bathroom I saw.  Mabry's/guest bathroom is the only room in the house that had been untouched since we moved into this house over two years ago.  Boring builder's beige and not an ounce of personality.  Even though I had found the vintage sports themed bathroom photo interesting, I had no inspiration to try and create something like that in my house.

About the only thing I had done for that room was replace our old shower curtain with a bluish/grey flowered one from Target that I had found deeply discounted on a clearance end cap months ago.
Bathroom Redo 6

Then the night before I went to pick up the paint for the board and batten project it hit me.  Why not use vintage photos (my love) from Penn State (Dan's love) in the bathroom?  Suddenly I saw the shower curtain mixed with the old photos and white walls and it didn't seem too boyish at all.

I would certainly have enough paint to do both the board and batten project and the bathroom if I bought a gallon.  So the next day I picked up the paint and while Mabry napped I worked on the walls.

I found a website where you can look through all of the old yearbooks from Penn State online.  I picked out some of my favorite photos and then sent them to Dan.  He had the final say in what would go up.  He also helped me find some other vintage Penn State images.
Bathroom Redo 3

When I was in Philly visiting my sister we stopped at IKEA and I picked up a couple of frames for the walls.  A few hooks for the towels (50% off at Hobby Lobby) and a cute cup and soap dish re-purposed into a candle holder from the clearance aisle at West Elm and the bathroom was done.
Bathroom Redo 4

Bathroom Redo 2

The long photograph is the team photo from the first year our beloved JoPa took over as head coach in 1966.  That would be 45 years if anyone is trying to do the math.  He looks much younger and yet still the same.  I think it is the thick glasses.
Bathroom Redo 5

So what do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  Who cares it is a bathroom?
Bathroom Redo


  1. Daniel Oakes6/14/11, 12:14 AM

    Awesome job honey. You did great.

  2. I love it -- but who cares what I think -- it's just a bathroom:)) Seriously, it looks great.



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