29 June 2011

onslow beach revisted

I originally posted this one back in June 2009.  I can't believe that Dan and I haven't been back to the Atlantic Ocean since then.  Shameful seeing as we are only two hours away.  This has to be one of my favorites posts about Mabry and Dan and some of my favorite pictures of the two of them.  I would also like it noted that I would love to have my bikini body back.  I should print out that last photo and staple it to the pantry door.  Walk away from the MnMs.... 

**I was also looking through old videos and came across one from our Onslow Trip.  I am including it at the bottom of this post.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to take an impromptu family trip to Camp LeJeune.  There is a private beach there that we have heard lots about and wanted to check it out for ourselves.

The weather reports had said there was a chance of rain late in the afternoon.  We were concerned when we got there and buckets of rain were being dumped near the entrance to the base.  Luckily by the time we drove the 8 or so miles to the beach on the other side of the base it was gorgeous!   We are talking blue skies, a few clouds and the perfect light breeze.


They have cabins on the beach that you can rent.  (We are going to be looking into that for sure for next time!)  They also have indoor and outdoor showers (great for cleaning up at the end of the day) and cabanas.  

Once we were out of the car and into our bathing suits, I took the opportunity to get a few photos of Mabry.


She loved pointing to the seagulls and yelling, "bird!"

I asked her to "show me her teeth" in an effort to get a smile out of her and this is what I got.  Of course she had a mouth full of turkey sandwich at the time.  So that probably wasn't good timing on my part.

After her sandwich Dada took Mabry down to the water.  

She hated it.

So I took her back up to the dry sand to play and Dan went for a swim.

We tried a few more times to get her to put her feet in the water.  She still tried to avoid it and would cry if the water got too close.  It was fairly warm, so I think it scared her just how quick the rushing water would come in.  

Dan finally came up with a great idea.  He dug a shallow hole that was near enough to the water that it created a puddle.  He then sat Mabry in it.  She had a blast.  Splashing and digging around in the sand.

Those two played down by that hole for probably over an hour.  It was so cute to watch them play.  I love watching Dan with Mabry.  He is such a good Dada.

Being this close to the water gave Mabry a little more confidence and she let her Dada take her out into the water.  She wasn't too happy being out where the waves were really crashing. 

But she was OK keeping her feet in the very shallow part.  Big strides!

I was there I promise!  We took one picture to prove it: 

I need to get better about stepping around to the front of the camera more.  

Bonus Video:

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