09 June 2011


It is 1:00am, I am exhausted and angry that I have yet to reach the goals I set for the day.  So rather than continue trying to get stuff done I am taking a five minute break to rant a little bit.  It is either this, have myself committed, or break something.  Given the choice, I'd probably pick B if we were being honest.

Without further ado I give you my list of things currently upsetting me:

1.  People who have music automatically playing on their blog.  Let's be honest, how much do you visit your own blog?  How about you give us the music option and let us decide for ourselves if we want to listen to your tunes.

2.  Cleaning my house.  This is a never ending cycle and I am so over it.  Dan offered to get me a cleaning lady for the summer, but I am so OCD about the way the house is cleaned that I would just follow her around redoing it all.

3.  Time.  Or rather the lack of time in the day.  I feel like I wake up early, have an entire day filled with all kinds of activities and chores.  Then Mabry goes to sleep and I have another 8 hour day filled with all the things that it is impossible to do while she is awake.  This leaves very little time for sleep.

4.  Three-year-olds who refuse to nap.

5.  Trying to live in two different time zones at the same time in an effort to have some sort of relationship/communication with my husband.

6.  Not seeing Dan for the last 2 months and 17 days (not that I'm counting or anything) and knowing that we still have many, many more months and days to go.

7.  Westboro Baptist Church.  It might seem odd to be talking about them, but I followed a link today to a story for a soldier's funeral that is taking place in Nashville next week.  WBC are going to be there protesting.  Even though I know lots about them, I still felt compelled to look up their actual website, it made me cry.

8.  My power keeps going out.  I have reset the clock in the office no less than once a day for the last week.

9.  People who don't respect other people's things and homes.  You work hard for it, is it really too much to want to keep it nice?

I think that about sums it up at this point.  Now I am off to try and get at least two more things done before I go to sleep.  Here is to hoping tomorrow gets better.

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