11 July 2011

a very important disclaimer to go with the rest of the week

Flight #1
Wow does it feel like forever since I have been on here. Actually, it has been almost two weeks. I'm sure none of you realized that I wasn't here thanks to the magic that is scheduling posts for later dates.

Where was I you ask? Well...this is the part that I hesitate to share. Before I do I feel like I need to make a disclaimer. I want to make sure that everyone is clear about what a rare opportunity this was for me.

I need to make sure that every person who reads this understands that this is not something military families are able to do normally.

I just want to make sure that no military spouse ends up having someone walk up to her/him while their husband/wife is deployed and have someone say, "Well if you miss them so much, why not go visit them." because they read my blog and think that is how the military works.

You see I just got back from a week long trip to Hawaii where I got to spend some time with Dan.

We were very fortunate that he was going to be stateside over the 4th of July holiday. Due to the nature of his job he isn't always out of the country when deployed. We were also fortunate that his command was willing to let me come out and spend some time with him when he wasn't working. Even more fortune was the dirt cheap airline ticket Dan was able to find on Priceline. Also, my Mom is a saint because she willingly took up the job of caring for Mabry's every need and whim for the duration of my trip.

I know that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and while the chance was there we took it. There will probably never be another deployment like this one for us and there probably is never a deployment like this for 99.999% of the other military people out there. So please keep that in mind as I share stories about my Hawaiian adventures with you all over the course of the coming week.

Wearing my lei.  Officially in Hawaii.


  1. I'm so sad that you even had to put up this disclaimer. I'm soooooo excited that you had the opportunity to see Dan, let alone head to Hawaii!! Can't wait to read your stories (maybe even hear them in person at the end of the month???) and see your pics! Hugs Jess, I'm sure it was wonderful to see Dan again :-)

  2. how wonderful!!!!!! i think everyone should get to go to hawaii! i can't wait to see all your pictures :)


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