19 July 2011

kualoa ranch: part 1

Kualoa Ranch 7.2.11
One of the highlights of the trip, for me, was our visit to Kualoa Ranch.  First of all, it has to be located on one of the most beautiful parts of Oahu.  Secondly, if you know Dan and I you know we are big movie/TV buffs and Kualoa Ranch has had some big name films done here over the years.

Kualoa Ranch #17
Kualoa Ranch #15
Kualoa Ranch #14
The ranch is built on property that was once owned by the king.  He sold it to a doctor who had come from the mainland and befriended him for around $1500.  Seriously.  During WWII the military took over the land and built numerous bunkers on the property as well as an airstrip.

Once again our military travel guide lady hooked us up with a great deal and we were able to do two of the individual tours and lunch while at the ranch.  The first tour we signed up for was the Movie Sites and Ranch tour.  The first stop on our (very bumpy) bus ride was into one of the old bunkers that now housed memorabilia and was also used in the movie Pearl Harbor.
Kualoa Ranch #13
This was a submarine (?) in the bunker that had been used on the show Lost.  (They had a lot of different references to Lost.  Including Hurley's golf course.  Unfortunately I never got into the show and didn't really appreciate anything Lost related that we saw.)
Kualoa Ranch #12 Sub from Lost
On the ranch they also grow orchids which are used by the locals to make leis.
Kualoa Ranch #11 Orchids
Isn't this beautiful?
Kualoa Ranch #10
That would be Dan hiding behind "the most famous dead tree in the world" from Jurassic Park.  Stand back ladies, he is all mine.
Kualoa Ranch #9
A footprint from the movie Godzilla.  The guide said that these prints used to be much deeper, but in the mornings they would find that several cows would fall into them and become trapped.  So once the film had wrapped the prints they kept were filled in to roughly two feet deep.
Kualoa Ranch #8
The cows also ate the shirt off this penguin and then used it for soccer practice every night.  So his shirt is now painted on and he is tethered to the sign for his own safety.
Kualoa Ranch #7
Kualoa Ranch #6
Do you see the natural rock formation of two kissing gorillas?
Kualoa Ranch #5 Kissing Apes
How about now?  I guess this was used in a famous scene from Mighty Joe Young.  Never saw it.  But really want to rent it now that I have been there.
Kualoa Ranch #4 Kissing Apes
The most interesting thing I took away from this particular tour wasn't even movie trivia related.  Apparently when the royalty of Hawaii died they wanted their final resting place to be kept secret.  If someone got a hold of their body that person then controlled all of their land and other assets, hence the need for a secret burial.  Anyhow, two people would volunteer to scale the cliffs with the body and hide it somewhere in a lava tube or cave.  Once they finished burying the body they would commit suicide to keep the secret safe.  There has only been one person who has successfully found a preserved body in the lava tubes on the property.  Also, I should mention that the bigger you were as a king or queen the better.  One king was 6'7" and almost 600 pounds.  His queen was 6'2" and 475 pounds.  If I had to haul that much dead weight (literally) up one of those cliffs I would probably want to kill myself too.

After the tour was complete we had a little time to kill before the next one started.  So we hung out in the petting zoo area.  When this pig was a baby it was in the Jurassic Park movie.  Dan happily touched a celebrity because he could.
Kualoa Ranch #2 Pig that was in Jurassic Park
This ostrich was also in the movie:
Kualoa Ranch #3 Ostrich that was in Jurassic Park
Oh and just to prove I was there too I set the camera on the back of a golf cart and took this shot:
Kualoa Ranch #16

There is a lot more to share with you about our visit Kualoa Ranch so I have made the decision to break this post up into two parts.  Come back tomorrow to see Kualoa Ranch: Part 2.

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  1. I love that last pic of you and Dan. I agree with Grams - looks like you guys had a fun time!!!


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