20 July 2011

kualoa ranch: part 2

When I left off yesterday Dan and I had just finished our first tour and were killing time watching goats climb trees while waiting for the second one to start.
Kualoa Ranch #25

The second tour we chose to do was the Jungle tour.   In other words this is the part of our Hawaiian vacation where we loaded up into a Swiss Pinzgauer and bounced around the jungle for an hour.  

Most of the photos I took were of various views of Chinaman's Hat.

You can see part of an old Army bunker that still housed airplane engines in the grass in this one:
Kualoa Ranch #21
Kualoa Ranch #24
Kualoa Ranch #19
Kualoa Ranch #18
I also got some photos of a small rain storm that rolled in.  That is one of the weird things about Hawaii, if it rains it usually isn't hard and it doesn't last long at all.

Doesn't that peninsula on the right look like a turtle?
Kualoa Ranch #20
We saw taro growing.  This is where poi comes from.  According to the guide (and everyone else we met) poi is terrible.  Dan and I decided to just take their word for it.  However the taro pie at McDonalds is splendid.
Kualoa Ranch #23 Taro plants
This rock wall extends all the way from the cliffs to the ocean.  It was used to separate the royalty from non royalty.
Kualoa Ranch #22
Once we made it back from our trip into the jungle we headed over to the lunch in the cookhouse.  It wasn't anything that great if I am going to be honest.  That is all I am going to say about that.

Going back down the street from Kualoa Ranch is a macadamia nut farm that came highly recommended to us by our wonderful tour guide lady.  She said that they had a tour that took you on a canoe out into the water and they showed you various fruits that were grown on the island.  In her opinion it was a must see.  Trust me, she only mentioned it about 100 times when we were in her office.  

So we stopped.  The farm tour had just left and we were going to have to spend an hour waiting for the next one to head out.  They were smoking a coconut and it stunk to high heaven.  So we decided that two photos was enough and headed out.
Macadamia Nut Farm #2
Macadamia Nut Farm #1

Up next, our trip to the Buddhist temple.

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