13 July 2011

paradise cove

This post is all about the luau we went to.  I have lots of stories I could share, but I am going to keep my words to a minimum today.  Mainly because it is already almost 1AM and today basically hit me like a semi truck and then dragged me all over for 16+ hours.

I'm exhausted y'all.

All of the following photos come from Paradise Cove.  We scored an amazing deal and even better seats thanks to a woman who works on one of the military bases on the island.  We were literally in the best seats possible.  Right at the end of the ramp that went to the stage with no one to block our view.
In front of Dan's apartment before the Paradise Cove Luau copy
*I scored my dress for $8 from the Swap Meet.  Which I will talk more about in a later post.
Paradise Cove Luau 5 copy
Did you know that a luau isn't just a show?  Beforehand they have lots of things for you to do like let cute Polynesian men draw temporary tattoos on you and your husband.
Paradise Cove Luau 4 copy
Paradise Cove Luau My Tattoo copy
Paradise Cove Luau Dan's Tattoo copy
This was right before they unveiled the pig that had been roasting in the ground all day:
Paradise Cove Luau 3 copy
This was the view from the luau:
Paradise Cove Luau View copy

Once we sat down to eat our meal the show really got underway.  Lots of dancing and singing and costume changes.  All of the performers (dancers, singers, musicians) were awesome.

I was most impressed with the fire dancer guy:
Paradise Cove Luau 2 copy
Seriously, that is fire resting on his feet in this photo:
Paradise Cove Luau 6 copy
Of course, it wasn't as much fun for the woman who had one of the rags that was on fire land on her table when it accidentally flew off the end of his stick.  She was not hurt and the staff reacted so quickly that it was more of a good story for her to tell later than a traumatizing incident.

Don't worry, I didn't just take photos of the men.  The women were equally as impressive.
Paradise Cove Luau 1 copy

Dan was one of the few picked to go on stage by a dancer.  He was instructed to shake his hips as he turned around.  Only according to him he couldn't do both at the same time.  So all of us in the audience were all blessed with watching this:

It could have been worse, he could have been this guy in the coconut bra:
Guy in Coconut Bra Paradise Cove Luau copy
I'm just sayin'.


  1. You take some really awesome pictures. I started laughing before Dan even started dancing I don't know why. So...is Dan really going to get a tat like they did on his arm? How about you?

  2. I LOVE your turtle tattoo!! Nice dancing Dan :-)

  3. What fun!! We have a picture somewhere of Billy in one of those coconut bras -- I think he had brought it and a grass skirt to Jen after visiting over there with Stace when they were still in college. Hmm- maybe I should look for it. Might be worth some money to me now:)



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