18 July 2011

pearl harbor

Dear Lord
Lest I continue
My complacent way
Help me to remember
Somehow out there
A man died for me today.
As long as there be war
I then must ask and answer
Am I worth dying for?
~Poem Eleanor Roosevelt kept in her wallet during WWII

Pearl Harbor Memorial 8

One afternoon after Dan got off work we went to the Pearl Harbor Memorial.  The tricky part is that they have a limited number of tickets for each boat ride and the last one is at 3:00pm each day.  Luck was on our side (as it was for most of the trip) and we were able to get tickets and even had a little time to kill beforehand.

So we wandered around the park that was part of the memorial.  A few of the highlights included the cutout of an actual submarine.  I don't know who this guy belonged to but he entertained himself for a little too long making "boop...boop..." noises (ala old submarine movies) and playing with the dials.  I felt embarrassed for whoever was with him:
Pearl Harbor Memorial 12 Inside of Submarine
Then he showed up again on the guns that were near by.  You should have heard all the fake machine gun noises this dude was doing.
Pearl Harbor Memorial 10
On a slightly more serious note, can you imagine sitting in that seat looking through this site and shooting down the enemy?
Pearl Harbor Memorial 11
The USS Bowfin was docked at the park and available to be toured.  We opted not to do that.  We were a little preoccupied with all the pretending we were in charge of the soundtrack to being at war.
Pearl Harbor Memorial 13 USS Bowfin
Pearl Harbor Memorial 9
Once it was our turn for the tour we were ushered into a theatre where we watched a video on the attack.  I don't have a link to the video, but I do have a link to some photos that are pretty amazing from December 7, 1941.  From there we were taken out of another set of doors and boarded a boat over to the memorial.
Pearl Harbor Memorial 14
There were concrete markers scattered around the harbor showing where various ships lay beneath the water.
Pearl Harbor Memorial 7
This was as close as we got to the battleship USS Missouri.  (Also available to be toured.)
Pearl Harbor Memorial USS Missouri
The memorial itself is rather small.  The triangular opening you see at the far end of this photo is the entrance.  I am standing in an opening that looks exactly like this that leads into a room with all the names of the entombed carved on the wall.
Pearl Harbor Memorial 2
The USS Arizona is right below the surface of the water.  However, it was still somewhat hard to make out the parts of the ship that you were looking at as you gazed down.
Pearl Harbor Memorial USS Arizona
Pearl Harbor Memorial 6
Pearl Harbor Memorial 4
(My overactive imagination may have gotten the better of me at one point imaging a body floating up to the surface.  So I didn't spend too long gazing over the side.  Which may have been part of my problem regarding figuring out what I was looking at.)

Pearl Harbor Memorial 3
This photo is for my family.  I wonder if we could possibly be related:
Pearl Harbor Memorial
The Tree of Life cutout:
Pearl Harbor Memorial Tree of Life
Pearl Harbor Memorial 15
Oil bubbles up sometime from the Arizona.  You can see it sitting on top of the water in this photo:
Pearl Harbor Memorial Oil Bubble
One last photo...Since he was so cute (and kept popping up everywhere I was) I thought I would get a photo with the boop noise guy:
Pearl Harbor Memorial

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  1. That is a very nice photo of you and the boop guy...you both look so relaxed. He is kind of cute...you might want to bring him home.


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