29 July 2011

the fire station

The Fire Station
The same day that we did the photo shoot with the kids Amber and I took them to a fire station in town.  It was their reward for being such good little models.

If you have children and haven't taken them to a fire station before, you should.  The firefighters were great taking the kids around the station and truck and showing them everything.  They answered questions, talked about fire safety and gave them little coloring books and goodie bags with all kinds of good information.
Learning about the fire hoses
The kids enjoyed getting to try on the hat...
Wearing the fireman's hat
...pretending to fight fires with the hose...
Helping with the hose
...and even getting to drive the truck.
Driving the firetruck with Landyn
For the adults (me) it was a lot of fun to sneak in a few more photos:
Fire Truck GagesIn front of the vintage fire truck
Mabry on the front of the fire truck

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