01 July 2011

the fourth: a look back

In honor of this being the weekend of my favorite holiday and the end of my week long trip down memory lane I thought I would share photos from our last few fourths.

Mabry's first fourth of July.  We celebrated by walking in the parade in Steilacoom and then BBQing with a whole bunch of friends and then watching the fireworks from a hill overlooking the sound. This could easily be one of the best days on record if you ask me.
4th of July 2008 in Steilacoom, WA #3

4th of July 2008 in Steilacoom, WA #9 in the parade

Love, Love, Love this photo:
4th of July 2008 in Steilacoom, WA #23 Waiting for fireworks to start

4th of July 2008 in Steilacoom, WA #25
The first fourth of July here in North Carolina we opted to have a bunch of friends over for a BBQ and setting off hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks in the cul-de-sac in front of our house.  This night ended with Dan soaking wet in a kiddie pool full of ice.  
Fourth of July #9
One of my favorite photos of my Dad with Mabry Cakes:
Fourth of July #4
Last year's fourth was a total bust.  We went to watch the fireworks on Fort Bragg and were totally unprepared for the heat or to keep Mabry entertained. 
4th of July 2010 #4
We left before the fireworks started.  However, we were able to catch the artillery shooting the cannons off which was pretty cool (and loud.)
4th of July 2010 #14

4th of July 2010 #18

Hoping 2011 brings you all a happy, safe and memorable 4th.

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