22 July 2011

waimea valley

Near North Shore is a place called Waimea Valley.  For a small admission fee you can hike all over the grounds of a beautiful park.  If you are lucky you might even run into a peacock or two. 
Waimea Falls Park 17
Waimea Falls Park 6
Waimea Falls Park 15
Waimea Falls Park 7.4.2011
Waimea Falls Park 16
Waimea Falls Park 2
I told Dan I wanted to find some of these canopy trees to plant in the front yard.  I really liked the way they looked and the shade they provide was awesome.  With the crazy hot weather that has been going on this summer, shade is always welcome.
Waimea Falls Park 14 Canopy Trees
Waimea Falls Park 4
Of course the best part of the park was waiting for us at the end of the trail:
Waimea Falls Park 7
The waterfall is fresh water and gorgeous.  They had lifeguards on duty and lots of people were in the lagoon swimming.  At first I was a little nervous.  Especially when I found out that it was about 30 feet deep that day.  That means a two story house could easily have been submerged in the water.  I'm not a huge fan of deep water, especially when you can't see the bottom.
Waimea Falls Park 9
See that guy clinging to the rock to the bottom right of the waterfall?  That is Dan.  He is waiting for me to give him the thumbs up that I was ready to take pictures of him going behind the waterfall.
Waimea Falls Park10
See his hand?  It is probably a little hard to tell unless you blow the picture up but he is holding up two fingers as he counts down to the jump.
Waimea Falls Park 11
Here we go...
Waimea Falls Park 12
Yet another favorite photo from our trip.
Waimea Falls Park 13
As for me I overcame my fears (with the help of a life jacket) and I spent much of my time striking silly poses and floating around.  Waimea Valley was relaxing, peaceful and the perfect way for us to spend a few hours.
Waimea Falls Park 8

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