12 August 2011

baby beluga

Mabry and I missed our calling as long haul truckers.  I did the math and in the last three weeks (exactly) we have driven 2,484.07 miles.  That doesn't count all the little running around we did in town with each stop we made.  

I can't speak for Mabry, but if I don't see a highway for a few months it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.  Before calling all our travels quits we decided to make a quick drive 100 miles north to visit my parents.  My Dad has been in North Carolina working and Mom was in town this week to visit him.  It was a good chance to do a little more visiting and take full advantage of the pool.

The water was fantastic and in the afternoon we had the pool to ourselves.

Mabry even decided to try her hand at being brave and doing a little solo swimming in the inflatable ring we brought with us.
Of course she had to warm up with some screaming, several tears and insisting on clinging to my Mom and I for dear life.  After we got her past all of that she had a blast.
One last photo, mainly for Dan's benefit.  If I was hesitating about making an appointment at the salon seeing this photo solidifies my need to get on it stat. 

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  1. You two should get frequent driver miles.


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