30 August 2011

hanging on

I would have posted this in the wee hours of the morning like I normally do (I was surely up) but my Internet decided to be incredibly slow for reasons known only to itself.

Not much to say today.

I went through my cell phone and cleaned out videos and photos.  I came across ones I had taken months and months ago at A and L's house.  We were grilling out and the kids were playing on the swing set.  Everything was going great until Mabry started screaming.

You know the kind of screaming that makes a Mama's heart almost stop because it is the mixture of fear and pain.

This girl is high drama all the time and I try hard not to feed into it.

I also took video so that I could share with the world just how crazy she was acting.  (Sorry future Mabes who happens to be combing Mama's archives, you really were overreacting to the nth degree.)

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