22 August 2011

i'm all over the map on this one

It has been crazy around here lately.  All of the little projects that I had put on hold for the last month are being tackled in an effort to make way for the big projects I want to accomplish in September.  Oh the beauty of the having your husband deployed and another friend's husband sent out on a training mission.  When the husbands are away the wives do projects around the house.  At least around here they do.

Then of course their are the other responsibilities that I have.  Such as taking care of the little ballerina and the normal around the house chores, all of my design work and even a few photo shoots to edit.  I'm not complaining, all of this is helping time fly by.  The faster it goes the sooner Dan will come home.  At least that is why I try and tell myself.  Some days it works better than others.

All of that leads to little time for blogging.  I really am trying to get better and to manage my time.  Someday I hope to get it all together.  Having Mabry really threw me for a loop.  You would think that after almost four years I would have gotten the hang of the whole Mama/Wife/Life juggling act.

Speaking of which, can you believe that our little girl is going to be four-years-old in just over two weeks?  She is going to be more of a child than a toddler and even less like a baby.  Though she is quick to tell me she will always be my baby or "yittle" girl even when she is old and married.  So true.

Well this post has been all over the place.  Sorry for that.  I'll leave you with a video I made the other morning.  Mabry wanted me to show her where the "Panilla Beans" (or "Philly Beans" as she sometimes calls them) were on a map since she knows that is where her Daddy was born.


Side note to myself so I don't forget:
-Mabry knows where North Carolina, Hawaii, Asia and the Philippines are on a map.
-She likes to ask me where I was born and when I say North Carolina she acts surprised and then exclaims, "I live there too!"
-When she asks where she was born and I tell her Washington she always replies, "Washington state, not Washington DC, right?"  How she knew that there were two different Washingtons is beyond me.

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