09 August 2011

i keep teaching her new songs...

...so that she can sing them over and over until my head wants to explode.  Need some suggestions because I am slowly but surely running out of good toddler songs.  Maybe I should move on to teaching her some of Motown's best.

Other Mabry happenings:

1.  She likes to talk about God while we are driving in the car.  Maybe it has something to do with watching the tops of the trees out of the window that makes her philosophical every time we go somewhere.  Yesterday the big question was why did God give her to me and Dan.  We talked about different possibilities and then she yelled out, "I've got it!  God gave me to you so you could give me things to eat since I'm too short to get it myself."

2.  Mabry is the master staller when it comes to going to bed.  Her new ploy is to tell me she has, "...just one more ting to tell you."  Usually when I ask her what this is she gets a blank look on her face and starts saying, "Umm...ummm..." over and over.

3.  She is finally old enough to let me read some simple chapter books to her.  Every night for two weeks we read a few chapters of Charlotte's web before bed and it was fantastic.  They say readers are born on the knees of their parents and Mabry is proving it to be true.  I cannot wait until she is old enough for me to read her Harry Potter.  It makes this Mama's heart so happy to know she has a special love for books just like I do.
Reading Charlotte's Web with Mama 6.15.11

4.  During all of the traveling we have done over the last month Mabry picked up a fear of the dark.  I now have to make sure she has at least one bright night light (thanks Gramma Wanda for buying the perfect one for her!) and sometimes the hall light on before she will settle down and go to sleep.  She was really worried about monsters.  Then I let her in on a secret.  I told her before she was born I had a job as a monster hunter.  I would catch them and throw them in monster jail.  So no monsters will ever come to our house because they are afraid of me.

5.  Mabry now wants to be a monster hunter and a baker when she grows up.  Good luck finding her something, future guidance counselor.

6.  "Keep yourself entertained while Mama mows the lawn" is apparently code for grab as much dirt and sand as you can and rub it into your hair and face for the next hour.
Playing out in the dirt #2Playing out in the dirt 7.17.11


  1. Once my new computer arrives, I'll make you a few CD's of toddler songs I have on iTunes. But I think you should start in on some of your favorite songs :-) I was so excited to see a video on your blog this morning I couldn't find my headphones quick enough at the office to listen to Mabry! I can't wait to hear all about B's wedding!!!!

  2. Carrie Belknap8/15/11, 1:31 PM

    Monster hunter and a baker - hilarious! My nieces, Addy and Lany, have grand plans too. One is going to be a digger, the other a chicken rider! Kids are hilarious!


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