16 August 2011

she is officially a cherub

Mabry's First Dance Class #3

Last night was The. Most. Anticipated. Evening. Ever.   That's right, the time had finally come for Mabry's first dance class.  When I told her to grab her dance bag out of the closet I am pretty sure she floated across the house.  Don't even get me started on the excitement experienced as she wiggled into her leotard and tights.  

When we got there (very early) several little girls were hanging outside of the studio playing.  Mabry tried so hard to get them to let her join in.  I am pretty sure had their mother's not made them they would have continued doing their own thing ignoring her completely.  It broke my heart but Mabry seemed oblivious.  Thank goodness there were a few sweet girls who came later.  

Mabry's First Dance Class #5

Her poor teacher has her work cut out for her teaching a bunch of 3 and 4-year-olds ballet and tap.  (That would be Miss Mabes right next to the teacher.)

Mabry's First Dance Class #6

It really was like watching someone herd cats.

Here the girls were supposed to be flowers that started growing from the ground up.  Mabry kept her forehead pressed into the floor long after everyone bloomed.  It took her a second but she started to catch on.
Mabry's First Dance Class #7

They try to persuade parents not to watch the class because it is too distracting for the little ones.  Of course since this was the first day we were all their watching our little ballerinas.  I wasn't sure if we could take photos, so I left my camera in the car and had to rely solely on the iPhone.  

Half of the class time is spent on ballet.  The other is tap.  Oh my word all the tiny tap dancers were adorable!
Mabry's First Dance Class #4
To keep the girls occupied while everyone was changing shoes they had them lay on the floor and make "snow angels."  I'm not sure why but this impressed Mabry greatly.
Mabry First Dance Class

Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen for half priced Blizzards to celebrate.  Can't wait for next Monday!

Mabry's First Dance Class #9 Celebrating with DQ

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  1. Daniel Oakes8/16/11, 12:14 AM

    She is our Tiny Dancer. I love you Mabry Grace, you are my little girl.


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