21 September 2011

4 year photo shoot

Mabry 4 Year Photos 5
Mabry went with me on a photo shoot last week and I took the opportunity to take a few four-year-old photos while we were out.

Many of the photos she picked the location and the pose.
Mabry 4 Year Photos
Mabry 4 Year Photos 2
I love this little girlie to pieces.  She is too adorable for her own good.  
Mabry 4 Year Photos 6
This is my favorite photo from the whole shoot.  Lately she has been doing this thing where she wrinkles her nose and giggles when she is excited or embarrassed.  
Mabry 4 Year Photos 4


  1. Love her 4 year old pictures. She is so darn cute. I also love how she picked her poses.

  2. I can't believe how she is growing up...slow down Noodle. Those pics are so darn cute, maybe she is getting her model look down for the future. She did a good job.

  3. Your daughter so so adorable. I found your blog through My Special Ks. I was bored one afternoon and looked at Renes blogroll and I clicked on yours. I am so glad that I did because your blog is A+W+E+S+O+M+E!

  4. she is just beautiful and adorable and wonderful!!! what a blessing she is. she's getting so big!! those pictures are so great! :)


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