06 September 2011

Mabry BDay #1
Dear Mabry,

Today you turned four-years-old.  Where has the time gone and who said you could grow up so quickly?  You tell me all the time even when you grow up you'll still be my little girl, but if you want to do your Mama a favor and not rush becoming an adult for say the next 30 years I would appreciate it.

Three-years-old was a tough year for us.  You really started to develop your temper and attitude.  When pushed, you push back.  You get that from me.  My parents used to threaten me all the time that someday I would end up with a child just like you are turning out to be.  Want to know a secret?  I wouldn't want you any other way.  It is going to be a tough road for Daddy and I to raise you, but I know that you will never be someone else's doormat when do become an adult and that makes it all worth it.

You have one of the biggest hearts.  You are loving and kind, always wanting to cuddle and hug and kiss me.  You worry and care about others.  You have an opinion about everything.  You aren't very patient, but we are working on that.

Also, you never stop talking.  Ever.

Our time spent in the car almost always consists of you asking me questions about God and Jesus and the world.  I love that you have so many questions and that you have a believer's heart.  It also makes me wonder what exactly it is about the car that causes you to ask these types of questions only then?

You started dance class last month.  Any chance you get to show someone your ballet and tap shoes you do.  I can't believe how much you have already picked up and learned already.  I hope that you continue this love for dance well into your life.  We also promised you that when Daddy comes back from his deployment we will take you to the Nutcracker.  Every person you meet you inform them that you are going to be in the Nutcracker.  You also let them know you expect clapping and flowers.

Daddy being gone has been hard on you even if you don't show it much.  You sometimes crawl up on my lap and lay your head on my chest and say, "I miss my Daddy."  Then we sit  quietly for a minute or two and then you jump down and start to play again.  You also weasel your way into my room at night a lot more than you should.  This is going to have to stop when Daddy comes back because there just isn't enough room.  You sleep sideways, girlie, and tend to smack and kick all through the night.

Speaking of sleeping, can we talk for a minute about the whole nap situation?  You informed me a few weeks ago that you were too old for a nap.  This really stinks for me because my plan had always been that you would nap until you were eighteen.  Also, I really need that mid afternoon break.  Any chance of reinstating that?

This year you were the flower girl in Aunt B's wedding and you did awesome.  You held my hand and walked down the aisle and stood still during the whole ceremony.  At the reception you spent literally the whole night dancing with anyone and everyone.  You were an animal and everyone loved you.  Most adorable flower girl ever.

Ever since Aunt B got married your favorite game has been to play bride.  You hold pretend flowers and march down the aisle and have me pretend to be the groom or the preacher.  Your imagination runs away with you constantly.  Shoes become dragons and hands become a prince trying to rescue their princess on a daily basis around here.

You are a special little girl and you will never know how much Daddy and I love you or how proud we are of you or how blessed we feel to be your parents but that doesn't mean we won't try to show and tell you every day.

Happy 4th Birthday.



  1. I absolutely love your writing honey. I do love you so very much and our little girl who I can't believe is already four.

  2. Looks like her birthday dinner was a blast! Love the post and that girlie!!


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