19 September 2011

i love dan, dan loves penn state

Just check the garage wall for confirmation on that.  You may recall last year I painted a gigantic "S" for Penn State on the back of the garage wall per Dan's request.

This football season he decided to up the ante and made another request (this time with a Power Point slide illustration) from half way around the world.  Apparently the "S" just wasn't cutting it in terms of Penn State Pride.

So while Mabry worked on putting up "signs" in my garden and striking poses for the camera, I worked on adding to the garage wall masterpiece.
photo 1
First stenciling the letters onto the wall, then outlining each letter with a tiny brush, and finally filling them in with three coats of paint.  I'm not done yet, I still have "National Championships" on the top line to finishing outlining and painting, but I am getting there.  After that it will be adding in the years that these honors(??) were won and then the wall will be complete.
photo 3
photo 4
At least until next year when Dan asks me to do a life-size replica of JoePa doing the tango with the Nittany Lion.

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  1. Don't give me any ideas honey. I love you and thank you for doing this.


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