13 September 2011

is it really almost 1 am right now?

I'm not trying to neglect the blog.  I am just neck deep in stuff I am trying to get accomplished this month which leads little time to do much else.  Looking forward to having a time when I can lay outside with Mabry and find things in the clouds.

(We did this a few weeks ago, can you spot the elephant like we did?)

As a peace offering I thought I would share a couple of videos taken over the last month or so from my phone.  Mabry has a thing for dressing up and dancing, anytime, anywhere.
When I write a random post, I really like to make it random.  So one last order of business for today, anyone have a suggestion on how to get Mabry to stop sucking on her fingers?  She is creating some painful looking sores:
Happy Tuesday, hope to see you tomorrow!

Ps.  I don't let Mabry watch How I Met Your Mother.  I had DVR'd an episode and when she heard the song playing at the end she came running out of the playroom and started dancing.

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