27 September 2011

master bedroom projects

The posts this week are probably going to be all over the place.  I have been dumping my camera cards into one folder on the desktop.  In my head I had only been doing this for a few weeks.  Turns out I have a couple of months worth of photos to sort through, edit and save.  As I do I will be sharing some of them on here.

Today I thought I would share a few little projects I have done for the master bedroom.  You'll have to excuse the quality of these photos.  It was a really gloomy, rainy day and no matter what I did I couldn't get the lighting quite right.

Some of you might recall that I had my necklaces hanging on a wall from nails that I had fancied up with some scrapbook paper and glass beads glued to the heads.  While I loved having my necklaces hanging on the wall, I never really felt like the whole nails thing looked finished.
I picked up a plain board from Lowes one day, brought it home and sawed it into several different lengths.  (I determined the lengths by cutting up a paper bag and taping it to the wall until I found sizes and a layout I liked.)  Then I sanded and stained each piece after knocking it around with a hammer to rough it up.  No, your eyes aren't deceiving you the boards are different colors.  I decided to go with a few different colors of stain instead of one.

Then it was time to hit up Hobby Lobby where many of their knobs were on clearance.  I had already decided how many knobs I wanted to use and where they would go on the boards, so the holes had been pre drilled during the whole sanding/staining process.  What I had forgotten to take into account was that the screw part on the back of the knob was a lot longer than the width of the board.  Thank goodness I had a hacksaw and was able to saw them down so everything was flush.

After that it was just a matter of hanging them on the wall and determining where I wanted each necklace to hang.

I also took apart the frame that had been hanging in my bathroom since we bought the house, slapped some yellow paint I had laying around on it and added some chicken wire.  Perfect for holding earrings.  Now to figure out what I am doing as far as recovering the barrel chair goes and my jewelry corner will be complete:
The next project, a planters box, involved some pallet wood, two more clearance knobs and a little bit of acrylic paint.  The word on the front means forever in Tagalog and that is my anniversary painted underneath it.  If I get tired of the box being on the dresser I can always move it out to the dining room table or put it on top of the card catalog and fill it with something other than candles.

The last project I did was to build a few shelves out of some remaining scrap pieces of pallet wood and other wood leftover from the board and batten project this past spring.  The pallet pieces were a little warped and give the illusion that some of the shelves aren't level, but they are (I double checked) and I kind of like that they are a bit wonky.  I already have plans for how I am going to fill the two empty frames.  One is going to have to wait until Dan gets home and the other is already in the process (my biggest embroidery project yet!).  I'll probably post photos of everything once it is completely done.  Maybe.  If I remember.
In case any of you are wondering, since I took down the picture in the bathroom I needed something to take its place.  I repainted a frame that had been in our bedroom a really pretty bright green and hung it up.  I love the contrast on the dark wall.
 Be sure to come back tomorrow when I share some random happenings from last week or month or earlier in the summer.

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