03 October 2011

a little of this and a little of that

This weekend was awesome.  Aside from cleaning 100% of the house on the inside and getting the lawn mowed all in one weekend (it feels so good to have it all done at once!)

Mabry and I also had time to go play in the park where we played, did the swings, and danced like crazy people on a "stage" she discovered:
IMG_6484 copy
The dancing resulted in falling down and sliding on the concrete with her face which meant lots of this:
IMG_6477 copy copy
...and after about a minute this:
IMG_6919 copy
Don't feel too bad for her.  It only hurts if you touch it, breathe on it, look at it longer than .2 seconds, talk about it or think about it.

We also did a photo shoot with this little one:
I did several sewing projects for a booth Ridgemeade Photography is doing at the end of the week at a women's fair but forgot to take photos.  However, I  also did this painting project on Sunday:
photo 1
I'm in love with the ombre look!!

Mabry may have gotten a hold of some tutus from my photo prop stash and turned herself into a peacock of sorts while playing with her princesses:
IMG_7154 copy

Oh, I also had a nice visit over the phone with this person:

(That person, by the way, would be my sister.  You can call her Mex.  Or Ms. Stache.  Why she shows up on my caller ID and only my caller ID with this name is beyond me.  Maybe a wonderful gift from the Time Warner Corporate gods?  Who knew they had such a sense of humor...)

How about you, how was your weekend?

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  1. Looks like you had a busy and fun weekend. I'm workiing on a painting project right now. But I'm a lot slower than you are. Love you guys. Hope to see you in a few weeks.



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