27 October 2011

drama queen

I have to give a lot of credit and respect to all of the single parents of the world. Raising children on your own is hard. I find myself getting closer and closer to the end of my rope and more and more grateful that I am lucky enough to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Single parenthood doesn't have to be forever for me. Mabry and I are both lucky.

Now that Mabry has all but given up her naps I have been struggling with finding ways to occupy the afternoons.  Much of the time is spent in a few hours of quiet.  Sometimes she reads books or sometimes she watches a movie.  Usually it works.  However, there are times when I can tell she is tired and needs to sleep.  Unless I can get her tired enough she will fight the nap with every fiber in her being.

These are all photos from this summer.  I had taken Mabry to the park to try and use up her energy so she would sleep for me.  The first thing she did was climb on a metal slide.  A very hot metal slide.  The next thing I knew she was screaming at the top of her lungs.  Immediately I thought she was crying because she had been stung by a bee.  Turns out she had set her hand on the hot metal and gave herself a pretty good burn.
Drama Queen #3
Kisses from Mama weren't enough to calm her down.  She screamed the whole way home.  Screamed even more when I put her hand in a glass of cold milk to try and ease the pain.  When I went to put the aloe on her hand you would have thought it was battery acid the way she carried on.  
Drama Queen #2
There was only so much drama queen action I was willing put up with before it was clear that we needed a time out from one another.  So I wrapped her hand up in a towel and ice pack (more screaming) and put her on her bed to cry herself to sleep.
Drama Queen 8.18.2011
Which she did for all of thirty minutes.  Not before I traumatized her by going back into her room and taking some photos.  Some day when she is a teenager I plan to whip these out and remember the good old days.

Just because I think my kiddo is cute (and quiet) when she sleeps I thought I would throw in a few more photos taken the next night:
Sleeping beauty #2
Sleeping beauty 8.17.2011

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