25 October 2011

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Drawing in the bath 10.5.2011
I love the bathtub crayons from Crayola.  They keep Mabry quiet and entertained giving my mind a much needed quiet time out. 

I read a story earlier today about a woman who has a daughter slightly younger than Mabry who talks nonstop.  She referred to her daughter  as "machine gunning" her words out of her mouth.  I couldn't help but smile, nod and think to myself I know exactly where you are coming from, Lady. 
Drawing in the bath #3
Speaking of nonstop talking, is it every toddler's M.O. to interrupt everyone as often as possible??  My Mom recently sent me this email:

"Saw this on Kelly’s blog and didn’t know if this might work with Mabry:In our parenting class - we learned something that I thought was wonderful but would NEVER work with Harper. At least not at this age.  It's called the "interrupt rule" and it is taught to teach children not to interrupt adults but also that what they have to say is important to you.  When I'm talking to another adult or to her dad - we teach her instead of interrupting - to come up and put her hand on my arm and then I put my hand back on her hand so she knows I know she has something to say and then at a good breaking point I can say "Harper - did you have something to say?"  We didn't even try this at first because I knew she wouldn't get it.
Well - we finally did it one night this week and just forgot it.  Yesterday I was talking to Scott and realized a little hand was resting on my arm. I couldn't believe she remembered! So we played it out and she was THRILLED when I gave the the floor to speak.  So thrilled that she wanted to "play the interrupt rule game" all night long."
Drawing in the bath #4
We've been working on this method for a little over a week now.  We still have some kinks to work out, but for the most part this has worked out great. 

Anyone else have tips or tricks on how to have some quiet in their day?

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