28 October 2011

snug as a bug

You may remember at the beginning of the month when I talked about Mabry falling down and hurting her face.  These photos are all from a few days after that incident.  I promise her face doesn't look like this anymore.  I just thought that these photos were really fitting with the rest of the post.

I'm almost hesitant to say this because I don't want to jinx anything and have it go away yet again, but I do believe that fall is finally here!  Mabry and I are loving the cool, crisp air and all of the colors from the falling leaves.  
Snuggly 10.3.2011

My favorite part of fall is all the snuggling on the couch under mountains of blankets and drinking hot chocolate (for me) and chocolate milk (for Mabry) and watching movies.  I also love the warm comfort foods that suddenly sound so delicious after a summer of eating not much more than salads and grilled chicken.  Tell me I am not the only one who hates cooking in the dead heat of summer.  
Snuggly #3
Snuggly #2
What about you, what are some of your favorite parts about fall?  Any good suggestions on a must try recipe?  What about a movie that would be a great way to spend an evening?

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