05 October 2011

techno crazy

This post is brought to you today by the letter "i" as in "iPhone."  Mabry loves her some technology.  Every time we get into the car she asks if she can play a game on my phone.  Any time she has to ride in a shopping cart, "Mama, can I play a game on you[r] phone?"  The truth is I don't let her much.

This would be the part where I go into a rickety Grandma rant about how when I was a child I didn't have access to hundreds of movies and games anytime I wanted.  When I rode in the car and wanted to be entertained my choices were look out the window or enjoy what was on the radio.

Also, I walked to school uphill both ways in 100 feet of snow...even in July.

On days when I am feeling particularly worn out or if Mabry has been really good I sometimes give in and hand over my phone.

Some of her favorite games to play include:

Toca Boca Hair Salon:  Where you can cut, buzz, blow-dry, style and color hair that really is somewhat lifelike.  You can even take photos of your hairstyle masterpieces.  These are some of Mabry's:
photo 2 copy
photo 1

They also serve as evidence as to why she will never be allowed to do my hair.

Toca Boca Doctor:  This game has several different puzzles, mazes, matching, etc. levels that help you to "heal" the patient.  This is one of her favorites.  

Ruckus Media: Pecos Bill and The Velveteen Rabbit.  These are both books that can be played as a video with Robin Williams and Merrill Streep narrating.  You can also record yourself reading the story or view the story as a book with no recording.

iWriteWords: Great app for practicing letter recognition and writing.

Of course when all else fails Mabry's fallback entertainment is the camera on the phone.  She likes to take photos and even run video.  I am forever cleaning out my phone with all the pictures she takes.  The other day I came across ones from her birthday.  Don't I look lovely?
photo 1-2
photo 2

Note to self:  Find out how to turn the camera off completely when in the hands of the girlie.  My self esteem can only handle so many photos like this one:
photo 1-3
I'm just saying'.

*Note: I wasn't asked to endorse any of these apps.  I am a firm believer when you find something good, you should share it with others.**


  1. Apparently she is techno like both her parents and photography...well she gets that from her mama. So I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's funny how fast these little ones can pick up all of this stuff. Sponges I tell ya.

  2. Okay, that last one made me laugh hard enough for Elayna to run over, "WHAT! What is it? What's so funny!" One of EV's favorite apps is Count TV with The Count from Sesame Street. I love driving down the road and then hearing one of my generations episodes about counting. Takes me back. These are purely entertaining and have no educational value to them whatsoever, but also let her play with these: Fruit ninja and ant smasher. Have fun.

  3. LMBO! I love that girl of yours. Too darn much, she is! I don't let the twins within 50 feet of my phone. EVER.


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