28 November 2011

a little random for your monday

Wandering around aimlessly on the Internet has its perks.  You never know what funny, interesting, entertaining and thought provoking things you will find.

Animals In The Womb:  These are amazing.

Online Story Time:  Barnes and Noble has a great area on their website which has videos of different celebrities reading stories.  Most stories are less than five minutes long.  Which is the perfect length of time for keeping Mabes entertained while I use the bathroom or check the mail or make a quick phone call.  I also think it goes to show that picking up a book and reading your child a story isn't time consuming and makes a huge impact.  (Ps.  I read to the girlie every night, her story times don't just come in video format!)

This video is hysterical and makes me so glad I never wanted to be an actor...BOOM:

Is Your Marriage Your First Priority: A must read for those of us married with kids.

Ana White:  Several people over the years have told me about this website.  I just never took the time to really look around at what Ana White had to offer.  The site is made up almost entirely of different plans for pieces of furniture that Ana has built herself.  I was so inspired that over the weekend I sold our dining room table and chair set and now have plans to build our dream farmhouse table with Dan when he gets back.

Hair Dresser On Fire: Ever saw a cute hairstyle and wondered how you could do that yourself? Ever hear of dry shampoo and had no idea what or how to use it?  Reagan has awesome tips, tricks, and tutorials that make even the worst stylist [me] able to pull off some pretty amazing styles.

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