26 November 2011

bet you thought i had forgotten halloween

Well I didn't.  So trick is on you.  It just took me until this evening to download the photos from the camera card onto the computer.
IMG_0202 copy

We were in Nashville for Halloween.  This year we were really relaxed about everything.  I decided to let Mabry pick out any costume she wanted provided it came from her dress up stuff in the playroom.  Her choice was to be a Fairy Berry.  Her only provision was that she have a mask, which she didn't ask for until that morning.  Thank goodness I had a bunch of Halloween face paint crayons that I thought to pack in our suitcase at the last minute.  Our cousins, Vail and Katy helped come up with the design, complete with "vines."

Mabry and Vail (Sleeping Beauty).   I thought I had taken some of Katy (Ariel) too but apparently I didn't.  Sorry, Kates!
IMG_0213 copy

Mabry displaying the new trick-or-treat bag that Aunt Vail made for all of the kiddos:
IMG_0230 copy

Seriously, adorable.  Love that bag.  Mabry calls it the pumpkin purse.

Micah as Darth Vadar:
IMG_0222 copy

All Darth Vadars should have one sock off and one sock on.  He is too cute.  He cracked me up how he would transform from this sweet little boy to evil Darth Vadar with a hat and an inflatable light saber.  He would go around saying, "I am Darth Vadar."
IMG_0228 copy

We crashed the neighbor's party and went trick-or-treating with them and about 16 other kids.  The family was throwing a birthday party for their daughter.  It was a Shark Boy and Lava Girl themed party.  Complete with volcano that shot off fireworks.
IMG_0240 copy

I used to think that I was a little out of control with some of Mabry's previous birthdays.  Never again.  Never again.

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