29 November 2011

christmas time is coming

One of my biggest pet peeves is how Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year.  One of the stores in town started putting out holiday merchandise and decorations back in August.  I mean seriously, can't we enjoy one holiday at a time?  Society seems to be rushing through life and all I want to do is put on the brakes and take the time to enjoy the moment we are currently in.  Is that so much to ask?

I'll admit there were a few times in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving that I gave serious consideration to decking our halls early.  It was my way of passing time and trying to make it feel like it was colder and more seasonal than our current temperatures are allowing.  I resisted the urge and channelled my inner Nordstrom.  

This past Saturday after we had officially cleaned up the last bit of Thanksgiving leftovers I decided to go out to the garage and start hauling in the tubs holding all things Christmas.  

Mabes was shaking from excitement when she woke up from her nap and found me waiting for her with a Christmas movie and piles of stuff to put up.    
Stockings and Entry
My original plan had been to skip putting up the Christmas tree this year.  I am having knee surgery next week and didn't know if I wanted to have the added hassle of taking down a tree while on crutches.  However, my daughter and husband both convinced me it wouldn't be Christmas without it.  Also, Mabes didn't give me much choice.  She found parts of the tree in one of the tubs and got to work assembling when I was busy working on the mantel.

Yes, I do hang up four stockings.  Our holders spell out Noel and I don't think my OCD would let the L hang empty.  Mabes is constantly checking to see if her stocking is still empty.  One thing I am looking forward to, her grasping time concepts.  One day "a few weeks" will mean a "few weeks" and not "ask me again in three minutes."  
Usually I contain most of our Christmas to the living room.  However, this year the girlie convinced me to hang up our Jingle All The Way in the dining room.  I also utilized some of the log discs my Dad had made for my sister's wedding this summer as part of the centerpiece on the dining room table.  
Mabes is also constantly dragging a chair over to the card catalog to see if there is anything in the advent calendar.  I have tried to explain that Fred (our resident Elf on the Shelf) will be bringing treats for the countdown when he comes on December 1st.  I am excited for Fred to show up.  I already have a bunch of ideas for tricks he is going to pull this year.
There you have it, our Christmas decorations for this year.  Do you have yours up already?  Are you waiting until closer?

We didn't touch the outside other than hanging wreaths on the front and back doors.  The rest will be up to Dan when he gets back.


  1. Nice job...I miss when you girls would surprise me and have the house decorated...I just don't seem to be able to pull the decorations together this year and it is looking miss match. I am thrilled that you did put up a tree...I thank you for doing that.

  2. looks awesome Jess! Love the new blog too :) When exactly are you having your surgery? Email me.


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