25 November 2011

how we spent our thursday

For Thanksgiving this year I made a from scratch apple pie.  My sister had also planned to make an apple pie using a store bought crust.  When I found this out I suggested that I teach her how to make it all from scratch.

Behold the beauty that is Face Time.
Thanksgiving 2011

Wednesday afternoon we all put on our aprons and got to work.
Thanksgiving 2011
Thanksgiving 2011

Mabes enjoyed playing with the flour I had sprinkled on the counter to roll out the crust.  She ended up with it all over herself and everything within a three foot radius of where she stood.
Thanksgiving 2011

Thursday was all about spending time with good friends and eating good food.  A lot of good food.  Most of these photos speak for themselves. (Ps.  I was really excited to use my grandmother's china and also to have a kiddie table!)
Thanksgiving 2011  Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving 2011
Baby N showing off her many facial expressions:
Thanksgiving 2011 Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving 2011
Jessie giving the girls a quick lesson in how to make a wish and pull the wishbone (which we had dried out in the warm oven a little too much because it pretty much shattered rather than snap in half):
Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving 2011

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