21 November 2011

learning to think

Riding in the car the other day I had just about reached the cap on my patience level.  All day Mabes had been asking me questions, telling me stories, singing at the top of her lungs and throwing her body into my legs with as much force as she could.  You know, in case I forgot she was there.

If there was a moment of silence to be found anywhere in the day she had woken up with one clear mission: obliterate it.

Where was I?  Oh yes, the car ride.

Mabes: "Mama, what shapes do you see in the clouds?"

Me:  "It's nighttime.  I can't see the clouds.  Let's just be quiet and listen to the radio."

Mabes: "I can't do that."

Me: "Yes you can and yes you will."

Mabes: "No, I like to talk.  I have a pretty voice."

Me: "I need a break.  If you want to talk so much, why don't you think to yourself instead?"

Mabes: "What does that mean?"

Me: "Have you ever been really quiet and heard yourself talking in your mind?  That is thinking.  You can have a whole conversation with yourself, like telling secrets, and never actually say a word."

Mabes: "No."

Me: "Ok, try this.  I want you to shut your mouth really tight.  Now I want you to say, I like elephants.  Only don't say it out loud.  Just say it to yourself in your head."

Mabes:  moment of silence and then a GASP! "I did it!  I talked to myself in secret!  It's magic!"

Me: "Awesome.  Why don't you talk to yourself with your magic now and Mama is going to listen to the radio."

Mabes: "Ok, Mama."

10 seconds of Matt Nathanson playing on the radio.

Mabes: GASP! "I did it again!"

10 seconds more of Matt Nathanson.

Mabes:  GASP! "I did it again!"

10 seconds more of Matt Nathanson.

Mabes:  GASP! "I did it again!"

I'm sure you get the picture of what the rest of the car ride sounded like.

In other news, Dan I can't wait for you to come home.  Bring ear plugs.

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